AirRentalz Creates Greater Flexibility for Hosts

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At AirRentalz, we are about helping Hosts and Owners succeed. To help you achieve your goals, we provide hosts with the flexibility on how you receive your payment but also how you can market your place or space.

We understand that each property is unique and that each host has different requirements. In some instances, you may be a live-in Host. Others will offer the whole house or apartment to the guests. We also understand that each property is configured differently and this may allow for different combinations. For example, a 3-bedroom house that sleeps 6 guests can be marketed in different ways. You can market it to sleep 6, 4 or 2 guests. By the closing of the bedrooms, you can accommodate different groups and at different price points. You are not locked into renting a three bedroom house for 2 people at the price you would charge 6 guests.

AirRentalz allows you the flexibility to market your property a variety of ways, so long as you are clear with your guests on what they are receiving. We also understand that you ultimately have the final say on who rents your property or space. While we advocate equality and non-discriminatory behavior, as the owner, you ultimately have the final say on who stays and who does not. Our business model does not require you to accept every booking.

From a marketing perspective, AirRentalz allows hosts to stand out from the crowd by allowing you to change the layout and colour scheme of your profile listing. While our standard layouts are optimized for desktop and mobile devices, you may wish to tweak the layout to suit your taste or style a little more.

The AirRentalz platform is designed to foster collaboration. Other than just listing your property, hosts are able to use their landing page as a marketing platform. Hosts are free to partner with businesses of their choice. We then establish the forms, do follow links, reservation systems and much more for you. Hosts also share in the revenue from businesses advertising on your page.

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Get started today and list your place or space with AirRentalz.


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