AirRentalz Introduces a Point System for Hosts

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We are providing an opportunity for hosts to make their next holiday more affordable.

AirRentalz has introduced a point system for hosts. Host’s will now accrue 1 point for every dollar of income they earn through AirRentalz. These points can then be used to swap time at your place for time at another property. Instead of paying cash, you pay with points.

We have created this service to allow hosts to not only experience how other hosts operate but to provide them with cheaper accommodation. Points allow you travel flexibly. There's no need to match dates and locations with other members when organising swaps. For those hosts who are willing to swap their property this provides them with another option. The beauty of this system is that each time you receive a booking through AirRentalz, you also receive points that you can trade with other members in addition to cash from your paying guests.

AirRentalz also operates AirXchange, which allows people who are just happy to swap their place or pace with others that are interested in do the same, but do not want to be a host. Direct Swap: You stay at their place while they stay at your place. It's that simple. Connecting with others is simple. Find out more here. Credit Swap: Provides you greater flexibility and you do not need to use your own property. Find out more here.
AirRentalz is providing a flexible platform for both hosts and guest and is making it more affordable for all. The Host Rebate is subject to AirRentalz terms and conditions.

If you wish to find out how AirRentalz can help market your property beyond our platform then click here.

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The AirRentalz platform is designed to foster collaboration. Other than just listing your property, hosts are able to use their landing page as a marketing platform. Hosts are free to partner with businesses of their choice. We then establish the forms, do follow links, reservation systems and much more for you. Hosts also share in the revenue from businesses advertising on your page.

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