An Alternative Way to Host a Property

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When using the major sites such as Airbnb, VRBO or Homeaway their business models are very similar. In addition, the way the properties are marketed are very similar, in that they property is the key focus. Airbnb has taken the next step and introduced the ability to book a table for dinner or massage, horse ride or a dance lesson with their experiences.

Apart from offering hosts only a 1% service fee (Airbnb is on average 3%) and only a maximum of 8% booking fee for their guests (other rage from 10% - 20%), AirRentalz is taking hosting and staying to the next level. How are we doing this?

Firstly, AirRentalz allow hosts to market not only their property, but also complimentary businesses or services within their landing page. One reason for doing this is to create greater convenience for guests. When abroad you want to take in the sights and also experience what the locals do. By having these services on the same page, you are just one click away from booking the local restaurant for dinner, or the day tour of the city, or the shuttle bus to take you back to the airport. We are creating Tailored Experiences.

The benefits will work both ways. Hosts seek to provide their guests with a great experience on their stay. Our process allows hosts and business to work together to ensure there is a win-win for both the business and the guests. This could be in the form a discount on a service or a free glass of wine at dinner. We leave it to work out the deal, we just help bring you together and provide that platform to market your property with experiences.

Another feature of AirRentalz, is what we call Tangible Experiences. Here, we are partnering brands with hosts. Hosts become ambassadors for brands by passively promoting their products. Brands work with selected hosts to be their ambassadors and provide them free sample products to use within their homes. It could be as simple as candles and oils, to electrical goods and homewares.

Again, this is a win-win for hosts, and brands. Guests can get to try things before they buy. From the simple smell of candles or oils to experience a great couch or TV, the brand allows the potential customer to get that tangible experience first-hand.AirRentalz is working with businesses and brands and matching them to hosts in locations where they can use their products or services. Ultimately, its up to the hosts and the respective brands to come to their agreements, we are just facilitating this to occur. Again, we a fostering convenience for guests and a greater experience all round.

Other benefits include greater flexibility for hosts in terms of pricing and setting your own terms and conditions. Its your place, you should operate in a way the best suits your needs. Guest also benefit with cheaper fees. We also offer the opportunity for hosts and guests to come together and avoid both parties paying any service fees. We do not want to lock you in. We are here to provide greater flexibility and freedom to operate.

At AirRentalz, we are also making is easier and more flexible for hosts to receive payment as we do not get involved with this process, unless you ask us to. With AirRentalz, you work out how and when you get paid.

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