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Our platform offers you the opportunity to include video(s) a link to an existing Airbnb listing and only a 1% service fee.

We also offer a range of other features that provide you greater flexibility on how you operate.

Partner With Others

Your property landing page allows you to plug-in other service providers.

This allows you to partner with other complimentary businesses to market your services collaboratively, therefore delivering benefits to you and your guests.

Earn Passive Income

We believe in a win-win for all parties and with our affiliate program you also benefit.

Partner with us and have the opportunity to receive a passive income for just listing with AirRentalz.


Tailored experiences are all about hosts working with other complementary service providers. By working together, hosts can provide tailored experiences for their guests.

The AirRentalz platform provides you the ability to undertake collaborative marketing as we combine the marketing of your place with other services in an integrated way.

Tailored Experiences is helping Hosts share their unique perspective,

AirRentalz Tangible Experiences connects brands to hosts to promote memorable experiences. It helps brands connect with customers.

We are providing brands with the opportunity to connect with customers to enjoy the experience of your products or services before a purchase.

We are also providing hosts the opportunity for you to partner with these brands. Hosts and guests receive these tangible benefits and rewards.

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