What Are AirRentalz Tangible Experiences?

AirRentalz "Tangible Experiences" connects brands to hosts to promote memorable experiences. It helps brands connect with customers.

We are providing brands with the opportunity to connect with customers to enjoy the experience of your products or services before purchase.

We are also providing hosts with the opportunity for you to partner with these brands. Hosts and guests receive these tangible benefits and rewards.

How It Works


Brands will establish their own campaigns for their desired products and services.


Host promoters are connected with brands and then apply to promote a brands product or services.


Host promoters receive products or services for the brand campaign.


Host promoters are rewarded; brands celebrate; customers receive tangible experiences with immersed sales and marketing!

New Age Marketing


People want to try products on their own terms. Potential customers enjoy a “hands-on” experience of a brand's products that would otherwise seem impossible to obtain.

Brands spend significant amounts of and money trying to acquire qualified leads. This approach makes it so that interested leads have a high probability to convert.

We provide you with great host promoters, you choose which ones you want to work with. Brands can also optimize specific campaigns for awareness, engagement, or conversion. You also receive a profile landing page to market your business. People can either book a service or send you a direct inquiry to purchase your products.

Many businesses that use online advertising still have trouble getting people to actually buy. You need a way to get personal with customers. We help you with that in a unique way. We can market your products or services to a target market.


Host promoters are not required to sell anything to their guests. This is a passive and organic method of brand advertisement that is solely based on brands and their customers.

Host promoters don’t have to pay for anything. Brands provide free products to the host promoter with specific intentions of creating a personalized, memorable experience for potential customers.

Qualified host promoters can choose to partner with their favourite brands or service providers as long as they meet the specific campaign requirements.

Have your guest's book restaurants and other events directly from your profile landing page.

We want to help you save or even make money.  You've most probably thousands of dollars on products for your home. We are here to help solve this problem.