What Are AirRentalz Tangible Experiences?

AirRentalz "Tangible Experiences" connects progressive product brands to influencers to promote memorable experiences. It helps brands create meaningful relationships with their customers in every way possible.
Being an influencer means much more than having thousands of followers. Everyone has some form of influence. AirRentalz is helping brands take advantage of this.
We are providing brands the opportunity to allow their customers to enjoy a real “experience” of their products before a purchase.

How It Works


Brands make campaigns for desired products and results.


Host promoters search and then apply to campaigns.


Host promoters receive product for their campaigns.


Host promoters get rewarded and brands celebrate!

New Age Marketing


People want to try products on their own terms. Potential customers will enjoy a “hands-on” experience of a brand's products that would otherwise seem impossible to obtain.

Brands spend significant amounts of and money trying to acquire and sort through qualified leads. This marketing structure makes it so that interested leads are almost guaranteed to convert.

We provide you with great ambassador candidates, you choose which ones you want to work with. Brands can also optimize specific campaigns for awareness, engagement, or conversion.


Host promoters are not required to sell anything to their guests. This is a passive and organic method of brand advertisement that is solely based on brands and their customers.

Host promoters don’t have to pay for anything. Brands provide free products to the host promoter with specific intentions of creating a personalized, memorable experience for potential customers.

Qualified host promoters can choose to partner with their favourite brands and filter down by campaign, as long as they meet the specific campaign requirements.