Using Video to Advertise your Property

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Video is being used more and more today to market properties. Here are a few reasons to consider video to market your rental.

Creating emotional attachment
Conveying an owners experience and the feel of a particularly unique home is difficult to capture through images and words alone. Video is the best medium for communicating these elements succinctly and in an impactful way that people appreciate. Properties that are of a higher calibre, that are unique or ‘unusual’ in some way always have an interesting story to tell, so a video is the perfect way to invite buyers into their story.

Social media reach
Another benefit of including video in a listing is its potential for strong social media engagement. Social channels, such as Facebook, favour video content, which means there’s significant opportunity for owners to reach a wide audience on this platform. The more people that see it, the better! . You can share videos on platforms including, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, personal and your property profile. Facebook’s “targeting” tools available on sponsored (i.e. paid) posts make it easy for you to reach specific demographics. Rather than just plugging in high-level demographics, Social Boost can tap into highly qualified audience and looks to target people who have actually searched for properties in the last month.

Tips to make your video work.

Communicate a clear message
Knowing what you want to communicate, the type of target clientele you want to market to and why are critical in engaging the future renters of your property. It all starts with a well-defined message.

Use strong opening and closing imagery
The opening shot is like a first impression. You only get one opportunity to “wow” them right out of the gate and hold their attention to watching the video.
Focus on making your opening and closing ‘wow moments.’
Also, your closing imagery should compel them to the call to action. So focus on making your opening and closing “wow moments.”

Highlight compelling property features
Make a list of specific features and elements that you want to ensure you capture. The renter who will be motivated to rent your place will resonate with the distinct features and selling points — this is your opportunity to magnify these.

Showcase lifestyle
Renters and guests are all about the experience. Use your video to showcase what a day in the life might be like renting your place. Capture the surrounding area, key destinations such as schools, recreational areas or community features.

Give it a signature look and feel
Beyond showcasing each specific property, these videos are your opportunity to reinforce your individual branding. The overall look and feel including language, mix of video clips, music selection and outro are most powerful when they are customized and support the branding of you and your place.

At AirRentalz, we provide you the option to include a video in your profile listing. We are taking marketing your place or space to the next level for you.

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