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AirRentalz is about partnering with our hosts and their guests. What better way to do this is to help our hosts partner with businesses that will provide your guests with an even greater experience. You can do this by creating what we call Reciprocal Referral relationships with other small businesses in your local community. Here are a few tips to get you started.

You want to work with businesses that provide complementary services. As a host, your guests would be seeking a number of things including places to eat, things to see and ways to relax. In terms of relaxation a massage therapist maybe an option to consider. Massage therapy and chiropractic are a good fit because they both address pain. Massage therapy and acupuncture could also be a good fit because they’re both focused on relaxation. And massage therapy and yoga might be a good match as well.

The easiest businesses to start working with are businesses that you already have a relationship with. If you don’t know anybody who could introduce you, then the next best thing is to become a customer of the business you’d like to partner with. It’s a good idea to try the company out anyways because you want to make sure that you’re forming a relationship with a business that provides excellent services and treats their customers like gold. Here’s one more thing to keep in mind, when identifying potential partners. You want to be working with businesses that already have lots of customers. And they should have a sizable customer database because you’ll be executing your Reciprocal Referral campaign via a variety of ways.

Next, once you’ve established a relationship with a potential partner, you’ll pitch the Reciprocal Referral concept. Basically, you’ll offer to recommend your partner’s services to your customer email list if they will recommend your services to their customer list. This is a great deal for both of you because you both get introduced to new potential customers, but no money has to change hands – so it’s really simple and easy. Furthermore, because you’ve vetted your potential partner and you know they offer a high-quality complementary product service, you’re doing your customers a favor by introducing them to a trusted company who will treat them right. Also, it’s a good idea to offer a special discount to each other’s customers in order to sweeten the deal and give people an extra reason to try out the other company. This is great for your customers because you’re not only recommending them to a trusted provider of a service they want or need, but you’re also giving them a chance to save some money in the process.

Assuming your friend likes the Reciprocal Referral concept, now it’s time to take action. The easiest way to run this type of campaign is via marketing. You’ll need to have a list of your own, and you’ll you want to make sure you’re partnering with another business that also has a list of customers. After you’ve done this type of promotion once, run another campaign with that business owner in 6 months to keep the relationship alive and strong. These relationships are very valuable assets, so think of them as long-term relationships rather than one-time promotions. In addition, you’ll also want to create promotions with other businesses on an on-going basis, so you can benefit from the exposure to even more new customers. You can schedule these types of promotions as often as once per month, and your customers will be grateful to you for introducing them to high-quality providers and hooking them up with special offers.

At AirRentalz, we believe in partnerships. This is why you can also use our platform to partner with your local businesses. This can provide your guests with a greater experience and also deliver additional income or benefits. Why not partner with a local restaurant and have them offer your guests a free glass of wine for each referral you provide. As we allow you to market other businesses within your profile listing, working with other business is made easy.

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