How Hosts Can Work With Businesses and Cross Promote

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Way back when, travel agencies were the place to go to when booking accommodation, flights and other tours. In today’s world, Hosts could also operate as mini or micro travel agencies. When booking accommodation for a holiday, people may also wish to book tours, restaurants and other activities. What if there was a platform to facilitate Hosts recommending local and other service providers they love. Where Host's could work with the local businesses to offer guests great deals.

To fill this gap, AirRentalz has launched its platform and offers Hosts and business to come together to promote each other.  This offers Hosts the opportunity to provide their guests with greater experiences and also promotes local and other businesses. Hosts and businesses can collaborate with others and begin advertising and promoting together. They can work together to cross promote each other, grow a new audience and more guests. The adverting fee AirRentalz charges to its advertisers is shared with the Host. The platform provides Hosts the opportunity to operate as a micro travel agent in some ways. It also provides Hosts the opportunity to make their listing their own as you can customise some of the layout.

Hosts can now truly partner with businesses they know and love and therefore promote local services to their guests. Local businesses benefit through new patronage and more business for them. It’s a win-win all round. This is unique in that while other operators provide a similar service, their hosts cannot participate and gain no financial benefit. AirRentalz believes, its model fills a gap in the market as it allows locals to work more closely with local businesses, which is what the sharing is partly about.

Through our CollaborationsTailored and Tangible Experiences programs, AirRentalz is providing hosts the opportunity to do more and therefore earn more in new and different way. We also offer an affiliate program which also allows hosts to earn additional income. Here hosts partner with great brands and products which they can advertise on their listing page. Again, we share the commission income with our hosts.

AirRentalz is taking hosting to new levels and has re-imagined how the platform operates. Expanding on the benefits of the sharing economy, AirRentalz has redesigned what hosts can now do and offer their guests will the ultimate aim of delivering the best experiences to their guests.

In marketing, cross-promotion refers to the technique of targeting the customers of one product or service with a promotion of a related product. In general, this approach is a fairly inexpensive yet highly effective method of generating more sales and increasing marketing reach – that’s why it’s an ideal strategy for vacation rental owners to adopt.

New businesses can truly thrive when they tap into an already established, local community, as it will help build brand recognition and affinity. There are plenty of other benefits of partnering with local companies and cross-promoting one another if you have a vacation rental business.

The AirRentalz platform is designed to foster collaboration. Other than just listing your property, hosts are able to use their landing page as a marketing platform. Hosts are free to partner with businesses of their choice. We then establish the forms, do follow links, reservation systems and much more for you. Hosts also share in the revenue from businesses advertising on your page


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