How Our Advertising & Marketing Works

The guest experience is at the forefront of AirRentalz marketing and advertising strategy.
We have developed our platform to deliver targeted marketing which is not only unique, but also connects hosts, guests and businesses in a way they can truly collaborate.


  • Our platform provides you with great flexibility to operate your way.
  • You provide great accommodation for your guests.
  • AirRentalz delivers great tailored experiences for your guests so they keep coming back.


  • Get to know your host before you book.
  • We can help you book great tailored experiences for you and your friends.
  • The opportunity to receive offers and discounts from our hosts great partners.


  • Partner with our hosts and let's start collaborating. Find out more here.
  • We market to those who are coming to your local area and are looking to buy from you.
  • AirRentalz connects you with our great host's who will help promote your business to their guests.

Why List Your Short Term Rental With AirRentalz

Cheaper for hosts

We have made it cheaper for hosts.

It's free to list and we do not charge you a service fee *.

Your guests will be charged a 10% service fee on top of your fee.

Partner with others

We connect you with local and other business to deliver great experiences for your guests.

You will earn advertising income from all your advertisers, monthly.

We market your property

We will market your property to our subscriber and member base.

We use email and social media to get your property out to future guests.

Cheaper for guests

We have made it cheaper for guests to book with you.

You receive more bookings and your guests are happy.

Concierge guest services

Our marketing and advertising are like no other platform.

Your guests are delivered services only unique to AirRentalz.

Promote on our blog

Promote your place and or area on our blog.

Write your own or we can help get others to create great content for you.

We Promote Your Place or Space Like No Other Platform

Get Started Today

Your pricing

You are free to set your own pricing and to run specials and promotions at your leisure. We do not tell you how to set your prices. You know the best time to increase or decrease your prices. Also, if you wish to add any other fees on top, then that is your choice also.

Your rules

Your place your rules. We do not dictate what you can and can't do. We ask that you treat your guests with the same respect as you would like to be treated.

You're in control

What form of ID you receive from your guests or when you are paid from guests are in your control. We love reviews, but you can not make everyone happy all the time. A not so good review, well consider that as constructive feedback..

Supporting our hosts

AirRentalz is here to support you and help you deliver great experiences for your guests. Your success is also our success.