The New Way To Host is Here

Taking hosting to new levels

We are providing hosts new tools and ways to differentiate your property from the millions on offer today.

Tailored experiences

Tailored experiences by AirRentalz provides you an opportunity to earn extra income while delivering great experiences for your guests.

Tangible experiences

Tangible experiences provide hosts the opportunity to partner with great brands. As a host ambassador, you win with free goods or services and your guests are rewarded at the same time.

The tools to be different and stand out

Join the AirRentalz family

Whether you’re a host with 1 or 50 listings, it’s easy to create, publish and promote with us. We’ll show you how.

Not only do you get your own SEO optimised landing page, we also link your page to external listings, your existing site plus email & social media.

Integrate with your existing site(s)

AirRentalz drives traffic to your site listing. You can add links to your Airbnb or other listings within your AirRentalz profile.

We work on your digital marketing to attract more travellers to your property.

Connect the way you like

AirRentalz provides you the flexibility to decide how you want to take your guests bookings. Whether it’s redirecting them to your existing website or to another online booking engine or letting the traveller contact you via phone or email so you can discuss their needs directly.

You have the option to disclose as little or as much about you or your property. It’s totally up to you.

Commission or Flat Fee

At AirRentalz we provide you 2 options for payment.

You can collect your fee directly from your guests and pay no commission or we can manage this for you and charge a service fee of 1%

At AirRentalz we provide you with options. You choose what is best for you.

There are thousands of holidaymakers looking to rent your house, apartment or private or shared room. Our easy to use service manages lets you choose when your place or space rented. Find out more

There are thousands of holidaymakers looking to rent your caravan. Our easy to use service lets you choose when your caravan, motorhome or camper trailer is rented. Find out more

Your in Control

At AirRentalz we provide you control how and when you get paid. You no longer need to wait 3 days after your guest visit to be paid as you agree with your guest how and when you are paid.

AirRentalz can also assist you with your payments. We can assist you with establishing a PayPal account or an EFTPOS terminal for credit card payments.

AirRentalz operates a secure payment gateway so we can collect payment on your behalf and transfer the funds to your account for a small fee.

We Connect You

At AirRentalz we provide you opportunity to connect with businesses who can assist you. Photographers, cleaning and linen service provider are here to help you make your place shine.

We also provide you the opportunity to customize your listing to include video and social media features.


There are thousands of holidaymakers looking to rent your space for a magical camping or caravanning adventure. You may have a large yard, operate a farm or beautiful grounds within the wilderness.  Our easy to use service lets you choose when your place or space is rented. Find out more

Use Social Media

At AirRentalz we understand the importance and the power of social media. We allow you to incorporate social media within your profile to help you market your place or space even better. Connect your Facebook, Instagram, Linkeden or Twitter account. AirRentalz is making it easier for you to connect with others.

Create Tailored Experiences

At AirRentalz we understand the importance to create tailored experiences for your guests. We are making it easy for you to connect with your local cafe's, restaurants, and other local attractions and destinations by allowing you to market their business or service within your profile. Not only do you provide your guest with great accommodation, but you are also making it easier for them to discover other great places and experiences.

Partner with the local restaurant and have that business offer your guests a discount on dining. It's a win-win for you, your guests and the local business.

Tangible Experiences

AirRentalz "Tangible Experiences" connects progressive product brands to influencers to promote memorable experiences. It helps brands create meaningful relationships with their customers in every way possible. Being an influencer means much more than having thousands of followers.

Everyone has some form of influence. AirRentalz is helping brands take advantage of this. We are providing brands the opportunity to allow their customers to enjoy a real “experience” of their products before a purchase.

Our Affiliate Program

AirRentalz operates an affiliate marketing program that provides you the opportunity to earn passive income. Where, and who else provides you with this opportunity.