Target Marketing For Your Business

AirRentalz is all about collaboration.
We firstly connect hosts with guests, then we connect guests with great businesses like yours.
Our marketing is targeted and timed.

Connect with hosts

When you register with AirRentalz we begin by connecting you with local hosts in your area. Hosts are your advocates as they promote your business or services to their guests. You may operate a cafe, bakery or a restaurant. Or you could operate as a day spa, gym or yoga studio. AirRentalz and our hosts want to promote your services to be able to deliver better experiences to guests.


The marketing of your business is very targeted and timed. We are able to time releases so you can gain maximum impact. Marketing is targeted to guests that are staying local to you. From the time they book their accommodation to the time they leave we can market your businesses at just the right times. Your business is being marketed to people who we know are staying local in your area for a set period of time.

Targeted messaging

AirRentalz aims to maximise the experience of our hosts guests. We have gathered information about their interests, what they want to do and see while they are staying in your area. With this information, we can tailor our marketing to meet the needs of our hosts guests and deliver you new customers. We are not marketing your business or services to any and everyone, it is very targeted.

Guest offers

We provide your business the opportunity to provide offers or discounts to our hosts guests. Your offers can be released at specific times of the day which can improve the response. Time for lunch...why not present them a unique offer for the day. We can provide this service for you.

Location based marketing

No matter if our hosts guests are staying local or are on the move we can provide your business with a marketing and advertising program that is targeted and timed. Understanding what guests are seeking to do before hand allows us to refine our advertising. Guests are staying local to you, so now you can get get in front of right people at the right time.


AirRentalz connects you with our hosts and their guests and provides great opportunities for services providers like you. Our marketing will deliver a win-win for all. Hosts will receive great reviews, guests are delivered great experiences, offers and discounts and service or experience providers like your business are delivered new customers and more business.

We Promote Your Business Like No Other Platform

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