Tailored Experiences

What is it

Tailored experiences are all about hosts working with other complementary service providers. By working together, hosts can provide tailored experiences for their guests. The AirRentalz platform provides you the ability to undertake collaborative marketing as we combine the property marketing with other services in an integrated way.

Hosts can work and collaborate with other service and product providers to deliver tailored experiences for their guests.

How does it work

The process is simple. AirRentalz brings hosts together with other service providers. Once you agree your working relationship we will create your landing page. Your landing page will include the property profile but will also integrate the other businesses within the same page.

This will allow guests to not only book accommodation, but may also reserve a table for dinner, organise a massage, or book a day trip from all within the one place. This is a win-win for all. See it here.

Collaborative Marketing

What is it

Collaboration Marketing is the process of aligning your company’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded companies to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own.

All the concept takes is a common purpose. When companies come together with a common audience, or goal, or a common mission or interest, they can band together in any number of ways to create an influence and a presence that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Pulling complimentary business together dramatically increases the brand recognition, customer value, and customer retention for each. Every time a guest searches a place to stay,  they also have a ready-made referral to a good meal…or a great massage or day trip experience.

How does it work

Collaboration Marketing allows complementary and similar companies to unite their advertising budgets to cut the cost of a traditional ad by 10x or more.  The concept isn’t just about just saving money, it also provides collective strength to each participating company’s brand and credibility.

The concept has existed for a long time in advertising. You can open any airline magazine to find collective ads that promote Top Steakhouses, Top Seafood Restaurants, or even Top Plastic Surgeons.

AirRentalz bring hosts and businesses together in a uniquely collaborative way.


How It Works

Turn your passion into money, meet new friends and create memorable experiences for guest and others.

The process is simple and you can be up and running in no time.

It's as easy as 1,2 3.

Step. 1

Submit your Eventful Memory by submitting photo's, a description, your pricing structure together with details of your location and frequency you wish to operate. It's just $33 to list and then pay no more. All payments are processed by PayPal.

Step. 2

We will review your submission and confirm if we require any changes or ask further questions.

Step. 3

Once approved, we will create an Eventful Memory profile page for you. From their, people will be able to connect directly with you. Remember, your business, your terms.