Tailored Experiences

What is it

Tailored experiences are all about hosts working with other complementary service providers. By working together, hosts can provide tailored experiences for their guests. The AirRentalz platform provides you the ability to undertake collaborative marketing as we combine the property marketing with other services in an integrated way.

Hosts can work and collaborate with other service and product providers to deliver tailored experiences for their guests.

How does it work

The process is simple. AirRentalz brings hosts together with other service providers. Once you agree your working relationship we will create your landing page. Your landing page will include the property profile but will also integrate the other businesses within the same page.

This will allow guests to not only book accommodation, but may also reserve a table for dinner, organise a massage, or book a day trip from all within the one place. This is a win-win for all. See it here.

Authentic experiences

Tailored Experiences is helping hosts share their unique perspective, recommendations and trusted advice with their guests on the amazing local businesses and places they love. Tailored Experiences is connecting your favourite businesses to the share economy.

Sharing economy

Hosts love recommending the great local businesses to their guests. That's a big opportunity for your business. We are creating a simple way for Hosts to connect with and recommend the local Businesses they love.


Discover hidden local experiences recommended by your Host. Save money and embrace authentic dining and other experiences thanks to the trusted advice from your friendly Host.


Proudly share your local knowledge with your Guests automatically. Recommend your favourite uniquely local places and support your favourite businesses


Engage new customers, provide amazing experiences and enjoy new revenue streams from travellers. Receive trusted feedback and enjoy stronger relationships with the locals that love you.

Start Today

Turn your passion into money, meet new friends and create great experiences for guest and others.

The process is simple and you can be up and running in no time.

It's as easy as 1,2 3.

Step. 1

Submit your Tailored Experience by submitting photo's, a description, your pricing structure together with details of your location and frequency you wish to operate.

Step. 2

We will review your submission and confirm if we require any changes or ask further questions.

Step. 3

Once approved, we will create an Tailored Experience profile page for you. From their, people will be able to connect directly with you. Remember, your business, your terms.