Pioneering Blockchain Real Estate Platform ShelterZoom Partners with AirRentalz

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Ethereum-powered platform for buying, selling and renting real estate joins forces with AirRentalz to deliver the most transparent, secure and efficient solution for renting.

 NEW YORK – ShelterZoom® announced it has formed a partnership with AirRentalz in Melbourne.

The deal with AirRentalz marks another major partnership milestone for ShelterZoom and its partner brokerages, agents, technology and data providers, and aggregators across the globe seeking to harness the power of ShelterZoom’s differentiating blockchain-based solution.

ShelterZoom – which has been honored with three major global blockchain and industry awards in recent months has continued to deliver innovation for the real estate industry by creating the most transparent, secure and efficient platform for placing offers on home listings and completing rental applications within minutes through its Offer NOW™ and Rent NOW™ online widgets, respectively. The widgets are distributed upon signing up with ShelterZoom, enabling users to immediately experience the benefits of blockchain.

AirRentalz will gradually integrate the ShelterZoom’s Rent NOW™ widgets into our platform, allowing hosts and their guests to improve the security and efficiency of the AirRentalz platform. AirRentalz expects technology platforms like ShelterZoom to revolutionize the real estate industry and the way daily business is conducted.

AirRentalz is thrilled that I have complete control over ShelterZoom’s widget and can customize it in a way that fully supports how transactions will be conducted on our platform over time.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with AirRentalz, said Chao Cheng-Shorland, co-founder and CEO of ShelterZoom. “The end result of combining our blockchain-based real estate platform with their unmatched coverage of world wide property listings will mean game-changing transaction security, speed and transparency for real estate consumers and agents alike. They are as concerned about data security and the consumer experience as we are, so it made perfect sense for us to join forces.”

About AirRentalz

AirRentalz is an advertising platform for the short-term accommodation industry. We have developed our platform in a way that allows hosts (those who rent their property, place or space) to collaborate with local and other business to deliver great experiences for their guests. We have truly embraced the concept of the sharing economy, by facilitating cross promotion and marketing. Hosts have the choice to partner with local and other businesses of their choice. AirRentalz also introduces hosts to other businesses and brands that we also connect with.

While advertising short term accommodation is core to AirRentalz, the business model is all about collaborative marketing and our platform caters for this in many ways.

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About ShelterZoom

ShelterZoom® is the first real estate technology company to have successfully delivered a blockchain-based real estate offer and acceptance platform to the mass market for both property purchases and property rentals. For real estate professionals and consumers seeking to achieve the best outcomes and maintain control of their deals, ShelterZoom is a fully interactive and secure online platform that manages all aspects of the offer and acceptance process. Unlike traditional methods, only ShelterZoom’s next-generation blockchain platform records every action in real time, delivering a new level of transparency, efficiency and trust to property buying and renting. For more information, visit