AirRentalz FAQ's


Joining is easy and it's free. We also do not charge you a fee to operate as all fees are paid by your guests. However, we want to ensure you have the best opportunity to grow your bookings we only charge your guests a service fee of 10% on top of  what you charge your guests. Our policy is that guest pay 50% upon booking and the balance 7 days before arrival, however this is your call. The service fee is taken from the first payment. You get paid within 3 days of payment from the guest.


Your profile listing can include up to 20 photo's and 3 video's. Your listing page is your landing page which includes social media connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Key words are used to improve your listings SEO.

Loyalty Programs

We operate a number of loyalty programs for both hosts and guests. Firstly, our guest loyalty program provides guest a 50% discount for every fourth booking made. This keeps costs down for guests which helps increase your bookings. We are also offering hosts to book each others property for zero booking fees which again will help increase your bookings.

Link Back

As a marketing platform we offer you the best opportunity to market your property and that is why we will have button that will link back to your Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO/ or other listing you may wish to refer your guests to.

When Am I Paid

We pay you 3 days after we are paid from your guest(s). Our service fees will be charged against the final payment.


You can contribute to our blog. We will post your article in our blog. Your article will have a link back to your profile listing. We also will post your blog post on various social media platforms including Facebook to increase your exposure.

Facebook Marketing

Your listing will have a Facebook pixel assigned to it. This will help us and you when undertaking marketing to your page visitors.

Guest Welcome Book

Each listing will also receive a guest Welcome E-Book that provides information to your guests about check-in, check-out, how to use appliances etc. This can be provided to your guests before they arrive and they do not need to download anything. In addition, this welcome book can also be used to market and advertise other services, brands and products.

Can I Rent My Place as Office Space

AirRentalz also provides you with the opportunity to rent your place as Co-Working or office space.  This allows you to rent during the day and have your guests leave at the end of the working day.