Providing your guests with what they need to know before and during their stay is just a click away!

All you need to do is send your guest a link and it's all there in the one place.
No need for downloads, works on all devices.


Practical Information

Provide details about how to get there, check-in details, how to use appliances and check-out information.

Includes Video

You have the option to include 3 video's of your choice.

Google Maps

Your Guest EBook also comes with a map of your location which can also be linked with Google Places.

Your guests can quickly find what is around.

Simple Link

No need to download an app. Just send your guests a link and it will be all there for them.

We also include a password feature should you require additional security.

How Features Can Be Used

Personalised Guest Experience

From the moment your guests step through the door, make their experience unique with a personalised greeting waiting for them on your Welcome Guest EBook.

A Descriptive Manual

Explain how to use appliances together with other tips on your vacation rental property.

Sell Additional Services

Offer late check-out or mid stay cleaning services and charge for these services. These can also be included in your Guest Welcome EBook.

An Interactive Manual

Harness the power of video guides and show your guests exactly how to use the features and appliances of your vacation rental property.