Rent Your Home or Place as a CoWorking Space

Your space can work as hard as you do

Just like Airbnb, but for CoWork space, you can now rent your place or spaces as short-term office space with AirRentalz Work Spaces.

List each of your available spaces and decide if you want to take reservations for an hour, a day, a week or month by month.

AirRentalz Work Spaces

How It Works

Create Your Free Profile

Get your office space online in minutes. Create a free, detailed profile with high quality photos and video. Leave the trouble of payments to us. We process payments and make a direct deposits to your account for a 2% service fee.

Meet & Greet

Engage with prospective guests before they book your space. Connect directly with them and have them answer your questions and even schedule tours.

Your Place Your Terms

We provide the platform. Your create your own arrangements and agreements with your customers. Rent for a day, week or month. It is totally up to you.

Download Our Free CoWorking Service Agreement

With AirRentalz you earn money every month simply by sharing your space

Get in on the action

Demand for office space is booming. Small teams and startups need space to grow, without getting locked into long-term leases. Easily share your space and earn money every month. Get started today.

What you share. When you share it.

With AirRentalz, you'll always have the power to decide how much space you share and how long it's available. Choose to share a one or two rooms or a whole house.  Set minimum terms or give guests the flexibility to book by the hour, day, week or month.

Different Spaces


Quiet and private spaces that will allow you to think clearly and work without distraction.


Productive places for productive people. With big tables, comfy chairs and great interiors, these spaces are ideal for meetings large and small.


Comfortable, healthy, happy spaces. When your business relies on feeling good, it’s important your space reflects that too.

Do You Have a Place or Space for Rent?

When you list your place or space for rent with AirRentalz we can open the doors to so many opportunities to grow your income.

Work with us and we will deliver new ways to market your property for rent. Our platform and our business model is built on collaborations and cross-marketing.

We can help you maximize your marketing spend and gain greater value for your spend.

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