Marketing Your Vacation Rental As a Wellness Destination

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The global wellness industry is now worth $4.2 trillion with wellness tourism experiencing a 6.5% annual growth; more than double the growth rate for overall tourism. With mental health being such a hot topic this past year, and rightly so, finding ways to combat issues such as anxiety, stress and depression has become more important than ever before.

Traveling for health or wellness purposes is nothing new. In fact, according to the Wellness Tourism Association, people have done so since the time of the Roman Baths. It’s clear to see that this industry trend is on the rise. This is great news for vacation rental owners – in particular, those in destinations which boast easy access to nature, scenic hikes and other outdoor activities.

Here are a few ideas on wellness trips.

Preventative Wellness

We may believe we are healthy, yet many of us spend our lives succumbing to peer pressure that encourages life-shortening activities such as consuming alcohol, smoking and eating rubbish. Preventative wellness retreats, such as anti-tobacco holidays, target these risk factors by removing individuals from stimulus-inducing environments and provide them with the tools and skills needed to avoid them.

Divorce Retreats

For lots of people going through a divorce, shutting the first door can be a task much easier said than done. This has led to a trend in people planning emotional healing holidays following the breakdown of a relationship. Retreats are responding to this growing trend with an array of emotional healing therapies, stress management and life coaching services.

Tough & Transformative Wellness

One for the adrenaline junkies, this trend embraces the endorphins you get from activities such as mountain trekking, kayaking and abseiling, utilising it as a tool for transformative self-improvement. If you’ve got a severe case of laziness or absent motivation, these exhilarating wellness experiences will give you the kick you need to get yourself up and at it.

Menopause Retreats

Why is it that a completely natural process that has literally been occurring since the beginning of time itself is still such a taboo subject? Fighting the stigma one fabulous women at a time, these menopause retreats also acknowledge there are some unpleasantness surrounding ‘the change’, primarily in the form of the unwanted symptoms that come with it.  Whether you’re experiencing mood swings, hot flushes, emotional outbursts, weight gain (or all the above), wellness experts will provide you with relaxation and relief, teaching you important coping mechanisms for when you return home.

The New Middle-aged Man

The new middle-aged man is a ‘life’s half left’ rather than a ‘life’s half done’ kinda guy. Over the past few years there has been a big increase in men aged 50-70 booking wellness holidays, showing the modern man is investing in their health now more than ever. With people living longer and longer, is 60 the new middle age for men?

Research from Airbnb shows that bookings for wellness-related Experiences grew by 572% in 2018 compared to the previous year. If you’re not sure what your area offers already, find out what wellness-oriented activities or places are available which will appeal to this guest type.

By creating content around these topics, you can position yourself as an expert, trustworthy voice on all things wellness in your destination. Besides this, AirRentalz can assist you with retarget your visitors with an exclusive time-sensitive special offer, remarketing campaigns or email updates for the best chance at closing the booking.

The 2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy report found that international wellness tourists spend an average of $1,528 per trip – over 53% more than the typical international tourist. In addition, domestic wellness tourists typically spend $609 per trip, a huge 178% more than the average domestic tourist.

Travelers’ willingness to spend more on this type of trip is something owners can profit from. Design wellness packages for your guests which include your vacation rental and certain activities for an irresistible price. This can be as simple as an on-site massage or meditation session, but it will add enormous value for your guests.

It’s also a good idea to think about partnering with other local businesses to build a list of options to sell as add-ons at the time of booking. At AirRentalz your listing serves as a marketing platform to promote other wellness service providers. We also can facilitate people booking directly from your listing page.

As well as being conscious about what your region offers in terms of wellness tourism, you can also ensure your own property fits in with this tendency. While it may be impractical to set up a full home gym, you can think about adding small workout equipment such as dumbells, resistance bands and yoga mats. An inexpensive investment, but one which can add a lot of value for travelers who are looking to maintain their exercise regime while on vacation.

A shift in society is teaching vacation rental professionals that travelers want more from their experiences. As an increasing number of travelers from all demographics are opting for health-focused vacations, property owners have a real opportunity to grab guest attention and market to this growing niche.