How To Use Incentive Based Marketing

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Incentive marketing can be a powerful tool for companies. Chances are you've heard the term 'incentive marketing' at one point or another. It is an effective tactic used by companies everywhere. According to the Incentive Marketing Association, in America alone businesses spend around USD $76.9 billion annually on incentives - including merchandise and gift cards.

Whether this takes the form of a customer loyalty program or a one-off promotion, businesses put out special offers to incentivise customers to purchase their products. In a world where consumers have more choices than ever, incentive marketing helps businesses grab the attention of customers with special deals or opportunities.

Be like the big players and utilize incentive based marketing as part of your marketing strategy to double and even triple your sales. It’s no surprise the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, uses this strategy with Amazon and McDonalds have been doing it well for many, many years.

Incentive based marketing is the next big thing in marketing because not only does it guarantee you more leads, more sales, and more profit than ever before, it’s now ridiculously easy to get started with too.

Previously only available to big corporations with the right connections and the ‘know how’ to execute the right deals, incentive based marketing is now possible for small and medium sized businesses through AirRentalz. It works for virtually any business industry too, making it a no brainer.

Once you get your head around that, it becomes clear this is a tremendous way to give your business a competitive advantage and avoid the ‘race to the bottom’ of continually slashing prices by more and more and chewing into your margins.

The incentives offered by AirRentalz and its partners include accommodation vouchers which provide complimentary 3-7 nights accommodation, hotel savings cards and also dining vouchers. These can be used by many businesses to increase your sales, thanks your customers and create new leads. From only $199 you can receive up to 60 vouchers. Incentive based marketing is a great way to keep your price but provide additional value.

For hotels that have empty rooms, this is a great way to fill them. While the guest may not be paying for the room, they are dining in your restaurant, eating and drinking, participating in activities and using your services such as massage or day spa. These services are always operating in your business and therefore this is a fixed cost for you.