How to Score Lower Hotel Prices After You Book

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The simple fact about hotel prices will shock you: There's a 40-percent chance your room rate will drop after you book it. Nearly as shocking, if you chose the free-cancellation option when you booked, you can easily rebook at the lower rate -- provided you know when there is one.

Now you can use AirRentalz "Get A Better Deal" to help you find a better deal directly with the hotel after you have booked with any of the major Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) like, Expedia and others.

It works like this. Book a hotel, as usual, using your preferred service: Expedia,, or whatever you normally use. Then forward the confirmation email to  That's pretty much it. If and when we can secure the same room at the same hotel for a lower rate, or the hotel is able to offer you a better room for the same rate, then you'll get a notification. From there AirRentalz will help walk you through the rebooking process. Basically, you're going to book the same room at a new rate or a better room at the same rate, directly with the hotel.

As noted before, if you booked with the free-cancellation option, you won't incur any charges along the way. And AirRentalz charges nothing for this service – we make our money from the hotel as we charge the hotel fee for this service.

This service helps hotels gain new customers at generally a lower acquisition cost than through the OTA is come from. Best of all, the hotel has its guest's details which will allow them to personalize the guest experience better than if the booking was made through and OTA.