Marketing Your Hotel on Facebook

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Facebook has evolved a long way since it first introduced “Fan Pages” for businesses to create free profiles. Now with more than 1 billion daily active users around the world, Facebook has developed numerous opportunities for marketers and advertisers to take advantage of this popular platform.

Facebook has developed a number of useful tools and features that allow marketers to reach their audiences in creative and highly targeted ways—and not just through ads. Facebook is also a great tool for engaging customers and cultivating guest loyalty, allowing brands to get real value from a modest investment of resources.
Engaging with travellers on Facebook has never been easier or more valuable. Consider these statistics:
52% of social media users said their friends’ photos inspired travel plans
76% post their vacation photos to social media
During research, 55% liked pages relating to the trip they were planning
69% of ads use images while 18% of ads use video

Before you can influence travellers on Facebook, you need to grow your following. You could accelerate this process through paid advertising, but you should grow your audience ‘organically’ as much as possible.
To get more likes through organic traffic there are a number of things your hotel can do on Facebook. Take note of these quick wins:

Invite contacts and friends

People you already know will be more than willing to support you and you can quickly bolster your likes this way. You can even use the ‘Build your Audience’ feature to import all your email contacts and invite them to your page.

Add links to Facebook on your website and emails

This is a simple way to give your Facebook page more exposure, especially to potential guests. Always ensure your links are correct and functional.

Put up signs

This is as simple as putting small displays on tables, on the front desk, or in rooms inviting guests to like you on Facebook. You could even add links on the bottom of receipts.

Offer incentives and host contests

Even something as small as a free coffee will encourage guests to visit your page. This will give them a chance to look at your posts and like your page. When it comes to competitions, make sure one condition of entry is that people like your page.

Post good quality content consistently

Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of posts should be about the local area and only 20% of should be about the hotel itself. Use Facebook Insights to see the type of content your fans enjoy, and post between three and 10 times per week.

Cross promote your page on other social networks

If you have Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media accounts for your hotel, post a frequent call-to-action for those users to jump across and like your Facebook page as well.

Fill your profile page with searchable information

Add as much information as possible to your profile page and add as many relevant categories to your page. This information helps Facebook serve up your page to people in various ways across the site. It’s also good for search engine optimisation so use plenty of relevant keywords.

Thank you messages

When people sign-up for your local tourism guide or fill out your contact form, redirect them to another page thanking them for getting in touch. Add some text and a Facebook button to the page asking them to join you on Facebook, while you have their attention.

Engage on posts that mention your business

If another local business or organisation mentions your hotel in a post on their Facebook page and tags your page, thank them, like the comment, and join in with the conversation. Facebook is a community and so a sharing mentality here will serve you and your hotel well.

Not only does Facebook boast remarkable diversity among its user base, it also knows more about its users than any other social media site. Facebook’s ad tools now include a thorough set of features designed to help companies find exactly who they’re looking for and get the most out of their ad dollars. Hotels are always looking for ways to streamline and innovate their guest services practices, and Facebook Messenger now offers an inexpensive and simple way to accomplish this on a platform that nearly 1 billion people already use.

AirRentalz has harnessed location-based marketing within its platform. We are connecting local businesses with hosts which allows us to advertise service providers to potential guests who will be staying with a host in a specific area.

By connecting hotels with local and other businesses we can deliver greater experiences for their guests by presenting them great places to eat, visit, sight see and do activities while they are holidaying or staying in that location.

By harnessing the power of data by location, AirRentalz is taking location-based marketing to the next level for the short-term accommodation industry and the businesses that this industry supports through increased patronage from their guests.

AirRentalz offers hotels operators both large and small a variety of marketing and advertising services which can compliment your existing marketing.