Why Women Travel More Than Men

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According to a 2014 Booking.com survey, 72 percent of American women like to travel solo. Hitwise found that the 55 percent solo travel searches in the United Kingdom are made by women, ages 25-34 living in London.

“Today’s women are inheritors of this concerted effort by a lot of women to travel more starting in the 18th century and onwards,” travel writing researcher Carl Thompson says. In fact, the world’s earliest travel writings were produced by a woman named Egeria. In 381 AD, she climbed Mount Sinai on her pilgrimage from what is thought to be either Spain or Rhone Valley to the Holy Lands. The letters she wrote on her journey are regarded as the first travel memoir.

It’s only in recent years that mass amounts of women have logistically been able to puzzle travel in, thanks to greater freedom in their personal lives. According to Pew Research, the age at which women become mothers has been on the rise since the 1960s. Another study found that the average age that an American woman has her first baby is 26, up five years from what it was in 1972.

The way women travel is also different from the way men do. As it turns out, women enjoy adventure traveling, and to immerse themselves in foreign cultures. Women show an appreciation for acquiring new skills, such as learning new languages, how to row a boat, ride a horse and other outdoor activities. Women also seem to enjoy establishing connections to other cultures through community service projects abroad. Whether it’s helping with agriculture in Ghana or teaching English in Ecuador, these volunteer vacations are becoming more and more common.

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