How To Use Facebook To Market Your Airbnb

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It wasn’t a long time ago when businesses were skeptical of whether they could use Facebook to increase their business. Even if businesses knew the potential of Facebook to reach across to their customers, they would be reluctant to spend their marketing dollars. How are we going to measure the ROI of social media? Is there a successfully proven marketing strategy on Facebook? How can I be active on Facebook when I have a business to run? According to Facebook’s recent quarterly results, there are 60 million businesses that are using Facebook pages to promote their business. Facebook made a smart move to acquire Instagram because Facebook and Instagram have become the mobile presence for business.

Here are a few tips to help improve your Facebook marketing for your Airbnb and Short-Term Rental.

Before you start your social media marketing journey, first it is important to define clearly where you want to go and the results you want to reach. If you do not know where you want to drive your marketing then your efforts are doomed.
To be successful in your Facebook marketing strategy you need to know your audience. Hence we clearly need to define who is our target audience. Once you know your audience, you can stay relevant and provide valuable content to your customer.

The very best method many marketers use to gain trust and confidence of the audience is by sharing valuable content. The content is shared for free and with no-strings-attached. Your audience will not only be hooked to your awesome free content but he will be coming back for more. Your content needs to be fun, interactive and valuable. You will need to know the most important keywords that are relevant to your business and create highly interactive posts on them. To get your audience talking on the core topics of your business you need to create very highly interactive posts that will give people something to talk about.

Another quick way to reach your desired target audience is to use Facebook advertising. You will be able to quickly show your most important content to the targeted audience and drive the required conversions within a specified time period of the campaign. After you have put all the effort into creating and posting your content, you will need to measure the success of your Facebook campaign. A really effective way of measuring your results is to create a landing page for your campaign and drive the traffic to your page to get the required conversion.

Retargeting is the practice of sending targeted advertising to people who’ve already visited your website or online shop. Perhaps they came for a browse but didn’t do anything. Maybe they read your profile listing but do not book with you. You can use retargeting these people to encourage them to come back and book with you. When you visit a website – especially one that sells products – you may be tagged with something called a tracking pixel. This is a snippet of code that sends data about your online persona and online activity back to a 3rd party platform.

The Facebook Pixel is a tracking code you add to your website. It sends data about Facebook users who visit your website back to your Facebook Advertising account. You can use this data to create custom audiences of people who have visited your site and performed certain actions. This enables you to send highly targeted social ads to them on both Facebook and Instagram. So, what better way to retarget visitors to your property listing than to use a Facebook pixel to collect data to improve your Facebook marketing.

When you list with AirRentalz your property listing is tagged with a Facebook pixel. This will allow us to better target your audience when undertaking Facebook advertising.

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