Best Ways to Customize a Rental

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So, you’ve found the perfect apartment in a great location, hopefully with a parking space and you are about to renovate or just decorate it, so that you can enjoy living in it, albeit only temporarily? Congratulations! You are now one of many people in the same situation, but that also means that you’ll find it difficult to make your place stand out.

The fact that you’re not the owner of the place you live in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t arrange it so that you feel very comfortable in it. Naturally, you’ll face many restrictions, but there are still so many things you can do to make your stay in the flat as enjoyable as possible. Here are just some tips that have been suggested by expert designers and people living in similar conditions to yours.

Choose colors wisely

One of the things that can have an instant and significant impact on the overall design is the color of the walls. Even if your landlord had them painted shortly before your arrival, if you don’t like the colors, change them. If the walls are in good shape, this is something you can do yourself and save money. Inviting willing friends and family members will only make the task more fun.

The kitchen

The kitchen is very likely to need your attention. Not only should it be practical, but it should also ooze class. It goes without saying that your kitchen needs to be kept clean at all times. If you don’t like the current colors, ask your landlord for permission to paint the cabinetry and choose a neutral color if possible. Replacing the countertop is another efficient trick that can help you achieve a more expensive look without actually spending a lot. Add some pendant lighting and your kitchen will look like new.

Add details

Chances are you’ll be allowed to add some artwork to your temporary home. Choose something that is not expensive, but is rather unique and find it the perfect spot in your new home. It can be something like the popular Matryoshka doll or a similar item. On the other hand, if you want to hang some artwork on the wall, don’t forget to ask for your landlord’s permission.

Address the blinds

The blinds serve two main functions. The first is protective, while the other is decorative. Needless to say, if they don’t provide good protection, they need to go, but the same can be said if they age a room. It can be the color, fabric or style that can really affect the entire esthetic. You can simply hang drapery in front of the blinds if you can’t afford to replace them. Choose the right material and the design you like and have a seamstress make you custom curtains.

Upgrade the bathroom

Another room that definitely deserves your full attention is the bathroom. Even if you find the tiles hideous, don’t despair. You probably won’t be allowed to change them, but you can still turn the bathroom into a nice, modern and clean place. Add a ceramic vase with flowers if possible or bring nature into the bathroom in some way and you’ll notice the difference instantly. If you have a long-term lease, you might consider more substantial investments, such as investing in bathroom re-glazing, which is a relatively inexpensive way of making old things look new.

Hide the switches

Every room in the house needs switches, but they can really look ugly. One of the ways to deal with this problem is to paint them. If they are the same color as your wall, they’ll be much less prominent. That is much cheaper than replacing them all, but that can also be an option if your budget allows it.

The fact you’re living in a place that belongs to someone else shouldn’t prevent you from making it more luxurious, especially if you don’t have to break the bank.

by Diana Smith

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