7 Things Landlords Must Check off Before Tenants Move In

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After your old tenants move out and before new ones move in, you need to make sure that your property is in great condition. Therefore, you need to check whether everything is functioning properly and deal with any possible safety issues. Not only will this safeguard you against any possible legal liabilities, but it will also enable you to appeal to top tenants.

Security updates

The first thing you need to do, after your tenants move out, is change the locks. You can never be sure whether they’ve made additional copies, so you need to provide your new tenants with additional security. You can also install security bolts and locks on doors and windows if you haven’t already. In addition, you can also install security cameras in hallways if you own an apartment building with several tenants and families.


Painting your interior walls is a great way to give your rental property a fresh look. When doing so, you should consider using VOC-free paint for a healthier home environment. However, if you go with regular paint, you should paint the property several weeks in advance to let it air out before your new tenants move in.


Checking the electrical installations in your rental property is of the utmost importance for the safety of your tenants. You need to check whether there are any possible issues, faulty wiring and other problems. Furthermore, you can use this opportunity to implement certain changes. For instance, in Australia, more and more properties are switching to LED lighting as an eco-friendly and energy-saving alternative. In fact, reputable Sydney electrician teams specialise in electrical installations of LED lighting solutions while also providing other electrical services. Therefore, you should find such a professional who can provide you with emergency, regular and additional services. Switching to LED lighting will appeal to a greater number of tenants as well, because they will see it as a savings opportunity.


The same goes for plumbing – it’s essential that you deal with any hidden leaks and problems that may cause additional expenses and further damage. You should check your plumbing around the toilet, shower and faucets and have any leaks fixed. In addition, you can also consider installing low-flow faucets and a dual-flush toilet that will enable your tenants to consume less water and reduce their bills. Of course, this certainly isn’t a must, but it will be a plus among your possible tenants.

Styling up the bathroom

After dealing with repairs in the bathroom, you should take some time to style it up. Simple changes can help you design a dream bathroom that your tenants will love. You can introduce new cabinets or update the old ones, change the hardware and even upgrade the lighting. This will certainly boost the value of your rental property and enable you to ask for a higher rental price.

Modernising the kitchen

Updating the kitchen in your rental property will have a similar effect like updating the bathroom. You don’t have to make any major changes either because sometimes even the simplest updates can make a world of difference. The most important thing is to check your appliances and make sure that they’re functioning properly. If they’re in great condition, but look slightly outdated, you can just apply stainless steel stick-on covers and give them a modern flair. You can also update the hardware, repaint the cabinets or introduce additional storage units.

Cleaning and decluttering

Finally, one of the most basic and essential steps is deep cleaning your rental property and removing unnecessary items. You should consider hiring a cleaning company that can apply appropriate cleaning products and tackle every corner of your property. Paying special attention to carpets, rugs, drapes and mattresses is important because they’ve probably gathered a lot of dust, mites and other allergens. Finally, make sure to remove clutter that your old tenants might have left. This will enable you to create an open and more pleasant space for your new tenants.

Being a landlord brings a lot of responsibilities, both legal and moral. Dealing with these essential steps will help you prepare your property for your new tenants while also setting your property apart on the market.

by Chloe Taylor

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