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If you’re planning a home remodel or a tiny space makeover, 2019 is the perfect year for your home improvement project! It brings many new and attractive trends that will satisfy all your design needs and leave all your house guests in awe. Let’s see what the New Year holds.

Warm, natural colors

The last few years were all about cold and sterile shades, but not 2019! It seems that the New Year’s theme will be Homecoming, so get ready to give your home a very warm, cozy and “natural” color palette. Think warm beiges, burnt oranges and various shades of green that boost that relaxing atmosphere!

Terrazzo floors

After some 40 years, terrazzo is back stronger than ever! However, this time around, it will not only stay on the floors, but also find its way to walls, lamps, countertops and even ceilings. Thanks to its raw textures and quirky vibe, it was only a question of time when terrazzo will return to our homes!

Accent ceilings

Accent walls are nothing new in interior design, but accent ceilings are something to keep an eye on in 2019. Designers all over the world are starting to look up and dress their ceilings in bold colors, contrasting wallpapers and interesting patterns! Aside from looking simply amazing, accent ceilings are a great way to visually separate spaces in an open plan layout.

Recessed seating areas

Very popular in the ‘60s, recessed seating is back, but this time, it looks more attractive and modern than ever! One reason why this trend is coming back is the openness it provides. It gives the ceiling the illusion of extra height and makes the entire place seem larger and airier! If you still don’t want to go back to this style in your living room, you can give it a try in your outdoor spaces. A sunken conversation pit in the backyard will show you the power of relaxation this trend carries with it! It can really transform any space into a cozy little nook perfect for hanging out.

Eye-catching lighting

2019 will be all about big and bold lighting features that serve a dual purpose—to illuminate the space and provide it with an interesting décor element! So, expect to see plenty of oversized pendants, large floor lamps and even huge ceiling fans! However, make sure that the fixture is also designed to fit your interior style. For instance, a minimalist home office might benefit more from a small yet attractive desk lamp. Luckily, there are various quality electrical goods you can find online to reimagine your lighting! These e-stores offer everything from powerful LED wooden lamps with an interesting base to more traditional ceramic models that look classy in every space! Yours is only to choose!

Wellness kitchens

As more and more people pursue healthy living, designers are starting to catch on and create spaces that will help individuals with their lifestyles, especially in the kitchen. That’s how we ended up with a “wellness kitchen” that is designed to boost health at home. Think recycled and sustainable countertop materials, layouts that foster family relations as well as soft colors and finishes that have a very therapeutic effect and create a space that is uncluttered, organized and soothing for the human eye. We can also expect the rise in living produce that is grown right in the kitchen! Hanging herb gardens, small-scale indoor farming units and mini greenhouses will turn our kitchens into real little ecosystems!

Attractive backsplash

Aside from being very useful, backsplash surfaces can also serve as a blank canvas for designers to play with. So, it’s not a surprise that we get plenty of amazing backsplash trends every year and 2019 is no different! Next year, expect to see interesting 3D backsplashes that go perfectly with every contemporary kitchen. Their attractive texture makes this traditionally flat surface simply come to life! Another up-and-coming backsplash trend is mirrored tiles. They have a very industrial feel to them, especially when the antique-mirror style is achieved. These tiles also look amazing when placed behind a drink cabinet, so feel free to try out this look!

Platform beds

While bedroom design is at its peak, beds themselves are at an all-time low…literally! Many of the new bed designs are resting just a few inches off the ground if not sitting directly on it. It’s a very edgy and millennial approach to design because it’s minimalist and can be budget-friendly. So, if you’re looking to make a contemporary statement in your bedroom, low platform beds are the way to go! They come in all styles imaginable, from very rustic ones that sit on repurposed cinder blocks or ceiling beams to futuristic bright white platforms that are designed to look like fashion podiums.

These modern trends will look amazing in your space, especially after you give them your own personal touch. So, make the next year the Year of Style and give your place a trendy makeover it deserves!

By Diana Smith

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