Aussie Life: Best Cities to Live in Australia

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Looking to move to the Land Down Under, but don’t know much about Australian cities? Well, don’t worry! To be honest, you can’t go too wrong with any Australian city—after all, Australia usually ranks very high on the list of best countries to live in around the world. However, there are cities that stand out, and here they are.


Melbourne is so very Australian: it has beaches, surfing, festivals, events, museums, great cuisine and a diverse population that welcomes every religion, race and lifestyle. It can also boast amazing schools and unis, a super low crime rate and overall high happiness levels of its inhabitants. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a city! However, Melbourne is definitely not for those with a shallow wallet—it constantly shows up on the list of most expensive cities to live. But, if you can afford it, it’s definitely an amazing place.


This one is a real treat for art lovers! The capital of Queensland is full of different theaters, festivals, movie showings, art exhibitions and other events that attract hip crowds and all those who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere of a big city. However, no matter how much you love art, unless it’s your job, you wouldn’t really move to a city just because of it. Luckily, Brisbane has other qualities that put it on this list. It has amazing healthcare venues and great schools and universities, and it’s generally very safe. Also, it’s constantly experiencing economic growth (even in today’s world economy) and its IT, financial and public sectors are booming!


Sydney is the largest Australian city and the unofficial center of happening. Aside from being a thriving tourist destination, Sydney is also super attractive for those looking for a permanent place to stay. It’s full of amazing urban properties fit for people of all requirements and wishes. It’s also full of schools and universities, international companies and all sorts of fun and educational events. Also, there are over 600 suburbs in Sydney, which means those who wish to avoid all the hustle and bustle of the city can easily find peace. On the other hand, there are suburbs that are swarming with life, like Manly! With its beachside villas and glam apartments, this suburb is perfect for sea-lovers and all those seeking luxury. It’s really magical, all year round! That’s why beautiful Manly real estate is some of the most sought-after in the whole of Australia. Go check some listings out and you’ll see why! Another thing that makes Sydney a great place to live is its climate. Summers are sunny but pleasant and winters very mild.


If what you’re looking for in your hometown is plenty of job opportunities and well-paying career paths, then Canberra might be the Aussie heaven for you! Since Canberra is the capital and all the government organs are situated in the city, it’s the largest employer in the entire country. Only around 3.5 percent of people in the Australian Capital Territory are unemployed! Aside from this, the capital of Australia is also a very beautiful and vibrant city. It doesn’t have a coastline, so it might not be perfect for sea lovers, but it has many other fun things that will occupy your free time!

Gold Coast

If you’re a single adult who loves to party, this is a perfect city for you! Gold Coast has an amazing nightlife that beautifully contrasts the chill and casual vibe throughout the day. It’s also great for kids of all ages—it’s almost a giant theme park of Australia. It’s full of sunshine, beaches, sports and fun all year round!

As you can see, Australia has a city for every lifestyle and all wishes and requirements. So, pick a place that attracts you the most and start packing!

by Diana Smith

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