7 Tips to Market Your Hotel

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Hotel marketing uses a wide variety of promotional tools and tactics. Some of the ways you can market a hotel include creating a loyalty program, tapping influencers, running ads, being active on social media, and hosting unique events. If you market a hotel successfully, you will see increased booking, more positive reviews online, and many return guests. Here are 7 tips on marketing your hotel.

Market the Local Area, Not Just the Hotel

Holidaymakers want an experience, not just somewhere to sleep. Your hotel obviously plays an important part in this, especially if you offer spa features and other experiential activities, but don’t overlook the importance of marketing the town, city, or area where your hotel is located. If you do have a countryside hotel, pick out some of the best walks and trails, recommend local bike hire companies, and offer everything your guests can use to improve their stay.

Partner with Local Establishments

Weave your hotel into the fabric of the local community by developing partnerships with local institutions, venues, museums, and cultural centers. Provide some space for them to display rack cards and coupons in the hotel, which will act as added value for your customers. In exchange, require them to place a link on their website for out-of-town guests to take advantage of your hotel deals. Generating these partnerships won’t cost you a penny and will pay dividends when you have ambassadors for your hotel working at local institutions in the community.

Harness the Power of the “Selfie Generation”

Millennials crave three things: experiences, Instagram, and avocado toast. Take advantage of two of these three loves by creating an environment that asks your guests to share their vacation memories from your hotel on social media. Have an empty wall? Invite an artist to paint a mural so beautiful and unique that guests can’t help but pause for a picture. Tying your brand to the positive memories made and shared by your guests will increase not only organic reach, but brand loyalty.

Actively Remarket to Decision-Makers

As a recently married man, I can vouch for the fact that even if I find a hotel I love right away, I’m seldom the key decision-maker in my own purchases. Since we have to coordinate our travel with our partners, family, and friends, we’re likely to search several times over a few weeks before ultimately booking our rooms. Knowing this, it’s particularly important to make the most of remarketing to the same or similar audiences; keeping your brand top of mind for purchasers during this decision process is key.

Create a Package That Includes Local Activities

Put together a series of packages (including amenities at the hotel) that coincide with area/regional “things to do.” If the area is known for local wines, for example, tie in a program that would include things at the hotel that engage those interests (e.g., a wine tasting at the hotel). Then, you can market it on Facebook based on people’s interests (such as people who have wine as an interest) as opposed to just randomly trying to market to “travelers.”

Use Instagram to Give People a Glimpse of Your Hotel

Consumers are using Instagram as a primary method of research to decide which hotels and resorts feel like the best fit for their needs. There’s an assumption that hotel-generated web content can be misleading, so consumers have turned to social media to peruse user-generated content of the property to see what the resort “actually” looks like. Their first impression is often the hotel’s own Instagram page, so it’s important to run a well-groomed account that greets these researchers with authenticity and professionalism.

Use Twitter to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Use Twitter to help respond to customer comments and questions. If your hotel receives a Tweet with a comment, complaint, or question, respond as soon as possible to let your followers know you care. If there is a complaint, find out the whole story and respond in an apologetic, understanding tone.