5G Impact on Short Term Accommodation Marketing

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With the roll out of 5G technology over the coming year, the short-term accommodation marketing space is set to undergo significant change.

AirRentalz sees this as an opportunity to deliver a whole new experience for both hosts and guests. With speed increasing up to 100 times faster and the level of data that can be processed within shorter time frames means how hosts can communicate with their guests will change.

Through the AirRentalz collaboration program, AirRentalz partners hosts with local and other businesses to deliver greater experiences. We are bringing the local surrounds to guests in new and exciting ways. When most people book accommodation the next thing they generally seek out are places to eat, drink and visit. People who tend to stay in the local suburban area’s like to see what is local and at times like to live a local.

Our collaborations program connect hosts with these local businesses which allows us to market these local businesses to their guests. This allows their guests to become more familiar with the local area and can see what options are available to them in terms of restaurants, cafes places to visit and things to do before they arrive. Upon arriving, guests can also be treated with discounts and offers from local and other businesses which in turn delivers the guest a greater experience.

On the flip side, the marketing we do for local businesses is very targeted and timed. As we know when the guests are arriving, we can target and time our marketing almost to the minute of the guest opening the front door. Guest notifications can include promotions from local businesses. For example, you could receive a welcome offer for a free meal or glass of wine at the local restaurant upon arrival, or for those who have had a long trip an offer for a massage the following morning could be presented.

By bringing together hosts and local businesses we see this as a great opportunity for host, guest and businesses to benefit. With the power of 5G, delivery can now move from text to video which delivers a whole new guest experience.