Tips on Designing a Serene Bedroom

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We all desire our bedrooms to be a serene retreat where we can get away far from the madding crowd, into a place of comfort and peace. We also need our bedrooms to be multifunctional: a quiet place to sleep in, read, unwind and recharge. Most of all, it has to be warm, cosy and sleep-inducing. Here are some great tips for your place, especially if you are going to host your place for rent.

With just a few décor tips, you’ll be able to design your bedroom into a dreamy, peaceful and luxurious sanctuary by playing with colour options, textures, styles and furniture.

Maintain temperature

In a bedroom that is too cool or too warm, you are most likely to have difficulty sleeping soundly. According to research, the most optimal temperature for a bedroom is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. When you lower the temperature, your body gets the hint that night has come and it’s time to relax and sleep.

Another solution is to have a programmable thermostat to control the heat, possibly a ceiling fan, heavy blinds or window treatments to keep the room dark and cool and leave you with the most comfortable and sleep-inducing conditions.

Reduce noise

Noise is a great disturbance when you sleep, whether it’s not allowing you to fall asleep or it keeps waking you up. In most cases, you don’t have much influence over the outside noise, but our brains easily get trained to automatically filter out the noise such as barking dogs or traffic, so they cease being a big threat to our sleep.

Other types of noise can be drowned out by filling the room with low, soothing sounds of white noise or a fan. Moreover, your choice of flooring can go a long way in reducing the noise. You might want to check out ways of carpet installation in Sydney to get inspiration on how to layer carpets for extra comfort and soundproofing.

Get a great mattress

Sometimes the simplest solution to a good night sleep is a good quality mattress. The one that is the right size, softness and material will help you get comfortable and sleep better. Find a mattress that will stay cool all night and give you proper body support.

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Another choice is getting an adjustable bed that offers numerous health benefits: it can help relieve back and neck pain, lower blood pressure, reduce acid reflux and even help with snoring.

Install warm, dimmable lights

Your bedroom lighting is one of the most influential factors in your bedtime routine that can contribute greatly to getting deep, revitalizing sleep. Avoid bright white and blue-tinted lights and go for low, warm, dimmable lights that give a soft glow and let you control the brightness.

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Pick a soothing colour palette

The choice of a colour palette for your bedroom can have a great impact on your sleep. One of the most sleep-inducing colours is blue, immediately followed by light greens, yellows and pastels such as pale greys, off-whites and beige. If you still crave some pop of colour, throw in a couple of colourful pillows and some wall artwork.

Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, our bedroom design deserves all the special care we can give it. By making our bedroom a serene, cosy and comfortable sanctuary, we give ourselves a chance for a healthy, regenerating sleep so we can start our days rested each morning and successfully accomplish our daily work.


by Amelia Atkins

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