How To Shower In The Woods

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There’s no better way to maintain good hygiene while camping than with a shower. Luckily, showering while camping is a lot easier than it might sound. An absolute favorite way is to use a camp shower. Camp showers come in all shapes and sizes. They range from simple cold showers to solar showers to portable hot water heater showers. In my opinion, the best in-between is a solar camp shower. These devices use the heat of the sun to warm up the water. You hang the bag from a branch to let gravity power the water flow. Don’t want to invest in a designated camping shower? There are still plenty of other ways to stay clean in the woods. You can clean yourself off with baby wipes, bathe in a stream or lake, or even give yourself a sponge bath.

How to Set Up the Perfect Camping Shower for Every Situation. This is one of the most common questions related to camping hygiene. Of course, going pee in the woods is easy  – it’s number two that gets a little trickier. The easy solution is to buy a camping toilet. These lightweight portable toilets are designed to be used in RVs, camper vans, and by tent campers. Other ways to go poop in the woods include burying your waste, packing out your waste, or even using a poop tube. The key is understanding local regulations to ensure that you follow all of the rules and keep the surrounding environment safe in the process.

Backpacking or camping on your period might seem like a deal breaker. But there’s actually quite a few ways to make it more than manageable. According to REI, you might stress out the first time, but you’ll soon realize that backpacking with your period is no big deal. The first order of business is making the choice between tampons and menstrual cups. In all reality, when it comes to tampons versus menstrual cups for camping, you should just go with what you normally use at home. Though a menstrual cup does save a little weight (a big benefit for lightweight backpackers), the downside is a lack of soap and hot water for easy cleaning.
You can skirt this issue by packing hand sanitizer and pre-moistened wipes.

You could even bring a few pairs of nitrile medical gloves to really makes things clean and simple. Another benefit of menstrual cups for camping and backpacking is the lack of waste. Unlike a tampon, there’s no need to pack out any used waste. Once again, it all boils down to what makes you most comfortable. For most women going camping, it’s best to just stick to your normal routine. We recommend stashing your go-to feminine hygiene supplies as part of your overall camp hygiene kit so that you’re never without the products you need on the trail.

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