Contemporary Living Room Renovations for Your Rental

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The living room is a place where families spend most of their daily life and for that reason, most people aim at creating a space that is comfortable, cosy and inviting. It also needs to be versatile so it can suit different kinds of gatherings, from casual family chats at the end of the day, to birthday celebrations, movie nights and after-dinner parties.

If your living room has lost the charm it once had, or it seems old and outdated, it might be the right time to renovate and usher it into the modern age. Here are several tips for modern updates of the living room, so that your tenants can continue having good times and creating new memories in it.

Initial considerations

Everyone knows that the devil’s in the details, so start small and think of adding details that will not only decorate the space but also enhance its beauty. For instance, stylish mirrors can really open up the room and give it a touch of style and elegance. A vintage wall clock can bring in an air of past times and mix well with modern features, such as art. Tastes are very different, so you can opt for a painting, a sculpture or a collection of artistic photographs. The modern room design aims at streamlining everything, which is where floating shelves fit in perfectly. They sit elegantly on the wall with clean, sleek lines and can act as an excellent display platform for your prized possessions, memorabilia or art collections.

Lights galore

One distinctive feature that all new and modern homes have is large windows and tons of natural light. If your budget allows it, install a few new windows and you’ll instantly enhance the look of the room and eliminate the old and stuffy feel. Use this opportunity to update the window treatments as well and rethink your lighting solutions. Curtains with modern patterns, elegant floor lamps and a chic chandelier will do wonders for the room and transform its looks from outdated to contemporary and classy.

Tech It up

The latest home cinema technology has been improved so much that it only takes a little creativity to get the high-quality audio and visual experience that beats your local commercial cinema. Having a custom home cinema installed is that missing piece of the puzzle that will surely update and modernise the living room and give your family a sprinkle of Hollywood magic and loads of fun.

This type of project is a big investment and quite a logistical challenge, so make sure you carefully plan each step and element. There are many factors to consider, such as wall dimensions, lighting controls, smartphone controls, acoustics, furnishings, whether or not you want a projector or a television, integrated stand-alone components or hidden ones. These decisions are essential in creating the cinematic atmosphere and something that will surely enhance any future watching experience.

Furniture updates

When you’re done sprucing up your living room and installing all the tech novelties, the next step should be finding the right furniture to match the rest of the room. In most cases, after all the renovation work is done, homeowners either toss or sell their old furniture and go for brand new. Choose whatever seems the most comfortable to you so you’ll be able to enjoy the remodelled room fully, especially the new home cinema.  L-shaped sofas are a very popular choice today and they offer a lot of seating space. Pair it up with a nice recliner and a sleek coffee table with a shiny surface, and you’ll complete the modern and contemporary look.

There’s rarely anything that can top the feeling of returning after a long day at work and cosying up in your comfortable and warm living room, relaxing and unwinding with your family or watching a great movie. With the tips listed here, transforming the old living room in your rental into a modern-day family hub can be as easy as pie.

by Lillian Connors

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