List Your Place or Space for Rent with AirRentalz

Win $500 Cash

Do you have a property to rent for short-term or holiday accommodation?
List your place or space with AirRentalz and you could win $500.


What Do You Receive

Property Listing

Your listing comes with a variety of features including video and interactive maps plus unlimited text. In addition, we also include a link to an existing listing you have. Our service fee for hosts is 1% and we like our hosts to be paid 50% on deposit and the balance 7 days before your guests arrive.

We also offer hosts the opportunity to book each others property without paying the 1% service fee.

We have also made it cheaper for guests to book with you and also offer them a loyalty program.

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Collaborations is unique to AirRentalz. Partner with local and other businesses to promote their services. You will not only receive adverting income and great reviews but your guests can also benefit through our tailored and tangible experiences.

We have created a marketing platform for you to partner with other businesses, brands and services. No more leaving advertising material, show your guest what's around and what you recommend before they arrive.

Our Welcome EBook also serves as a great information and marketing tool for you.

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Promote Others

Your listing becomes a marketing platform for you and others. We connect you with businesses and brands that will deliver you and your guest's great things.

You also have the opportunity to earn commissions and other fees from the various advertisers that you can promote.

See how you can promote brands and services and grow your income.

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Terms & Conditions

You must be over 18 years of age to enter the competition. You must also agree to receive marketing email from us and our sponsors. The winning entry will be drawn February 15th, 2019. The winner will be contacted by email. To receive payment of your winnings you will be required to reply via email within 3 business days of the 15th February in writing. You will also need to provide the following information; proof of ownership of the property, you cannot be a co-host, a copy of your drivers licence and banking details when requested. You will also be required to provide your address and phone contact details. Payment will be made within 21 days of providing the required information and verification of same. You will be notified of any changes to any terms and conditions. You also agree to the the AirRentalz terms of use.