Increasing Your Hotel Direct Bookings

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More Direct Bookings

Utilise our marketing and systems and let us work with you to drive more direct bookings to your hotel without impacting your rate parity restrictions.


Greater Customer Insights

Don't wait until your guests arrive to your hotel until you communciate with them. You will have details when an enquiry is made.


You Manage All Bookings Directly

We integrate into your systems so you can control the booking all financial transactions and the customer experience from the time of the booking.


A Flat Commission Model

We want everyone to be treated equally. This is why we have set a flat commission rate of 10% per booking for all our partners. Creating a level playing for all our hotel partners.



We are able to offer you a variety of additional data and information services that will improve to understand your visitors, guests and future guests with greater clarity.


Dynamic Packaging & Partnering

Hotels will have the opportunity to provide dynamic packing for their leisure guests. Our platform can also faciliate hotels offering tours and experience beyond the hotel.


Build Your Hotel Loyalty Program

Let us help you build your loyalty program and service your existing loyalty program customers.