Frequently Asked Questions

The service has been created to help people and business either save money on their booking or alternatively receiving a better room or upgrades for the same price.

Just forward your hotel reservation (with free cancellation policy) to us via email (the mail you received after reservation was made) or use the lodgement form and we'll track your reservation and update you in case we find a lower price or get you a better deal.

Sorry, we can not help you if we do not have the correct information on your booking. Please connect with us at to help you.

Once we find you a lower price, you'll get an email from us or the hotel directly with your new room deal.

Once you made a reservation, you have two different reservations for the same hotel, one expensive and one cheaper. Now, all you have to do is cancel the expensive one and stay with cheaper or better reservation.

Nothing. You'll still have the same reservation as you did before. AirRentalz will not change your reservation. You are the only one that makes changes to it!

Nothing happens. Not all bookings have price drops as it depends on a lof of different factors.

It is 100% FREE.

We partner with hotels to bring them new guests. As we earn a commission from the hotels, we are not charging any commission to our users, being you, which makes our service 100% FREE of charge.

Now You Can Save On Your Booked Hotel Reservation