About AirRentalz

AirRentalz is an advertising and collaborative marketing platform for short term accommodation providers or hosts as we call them.

You could be a host and renting a whole house or apartment, or you could also be renting one or rooms of your home. If you are, AirRentalz is offering you something new.

Our platform is all about providing hosts collaborative marketing and advertising services.  We partner you with service providers and local businesses of your choice so that you work together to promote each other.

By working together, you are reducing your marketing and advertising costs, but as a host, you can now provide greater experiences for your guests.

Why List Your Short Term Rental With AirRentalz

Cheaper for hosts

We have made is cheaper for hosts.

It's Free to list and we only charge you a 1% service fee*.

Earn advertising income

Promote local and other businesses and services.

You will earn advertising income from all your advertisers, monthly.

We market your property

We will market your property to our subscriber and member base.

We use email and social media to get your property out to future guests.

Cheaper for guests

We have made is cheaper for guests.

The guest booking fee is only up to 8%*.

Earn affiliate commissions

Promote other products and services.

You will earn commission income from all your advertisers, monthly.

Promote on our blog

Promote your place and or area on our blog.

Write your own or we can help get others to create great content for you.