Booking Short Term Accommodation

Low Booking Fees

One of the many benefits when booking accommodation with AirRentalz are our low booking fees. Unlike many of the others who charge double digit service fees, AirRentalz guest service fee is only a maximum of 8%.

Loyalty Program

What other service provider offers a guest loyalty program? AirRentalz guest loyalty program offers guests the opportunity to pay just 4% on your 4th (fourth) booking with us. As a bonus, we will provide you with a $50 credit on your 6th booking with AirRentalz.


AirRentalz provides guests with flexibility on how they communicate with hosts and also payment methods. Communication with hosts is easy.

Offers and Discounts

Through AirRentalz tailored and tangible experience programs, guests can received discounts and other benefits provided by our hosts partners. This could include discount meals or a free glass of wine when booking with one of their experience partners.