Market Your Place for Short-Term and Holiday Accommodation

When you list your place or space for rent with AirRentalz, we offer you more than just a platform to rent your place.

Your listing page is also a marketing platform for you to work with others to promote great products, brands, and services.

One of the great features of our platform is that earn can begin to also earn passive income as well as rental income.

AirRentalz Affiliation Program

We Offer You Opportunities to Earn More

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products or services. AirRentalz has incorporated this feature into our platform for our hosts.

As your property listing with AirRentalz will also serve as a marketing platform you will have the opportunity to earn extra income.

See here.

What Are The Benefits

We share the commission

We believe that all parties should  benefit and that is why we share up to 50% of the commission received from the merchant with you.

Increase marketing

Through our various marketing programs we will drive more traffic to your listing which will increase your rental income but also commission for you.

Earn passive income

The opportunity is there for you to begin earning passive income. We will work with you to help market your listing to deliver you more traffic.

No set up required

To set up your own affiliate marketing program you would require your own website and domain. We have created this for you for free.

Affiliate Partners




Partner With Others

There are many people who do affiliate marketing full time as a living. We will work to help you partner with these people and groups.

Through our Collaboration program, there are so many opportunities available for you and others to create great ideas and ways to grow your traffic and increase your bookings plus commissions.