Why Use White Sheets For Vacation Rentals

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White has traditionally been the colour used in hotels. The hospitality industry funds studies on guest psychology; they know there is a primal association between the colour white and cleanliness. I guess it makes sense if you think about it. If you are presented with a crisp set of white sheets, you see they are clean, right? On the other hand, if they are maroon, or blue or any other colour, they could be clean, but who would know? Most colours, besides white, camouflage dirt.

Not all vacation guests treat your sheets with respect. With white, you can bleach stains away. You can also wash white bed sheets in very hot water and they come out looking new. When it comes time to replace some of your white sheets, you will always find the perfect colour match every time – white! And who gets sick of bright, crisp white? Lastly, white sheets contrast nicely with the bedspread or blanket, as well as the shams and decorative pillows. Your guest’s eyes will really notice their patterns or colours when you set them against white.

One of the most important factors in buying sheets for vacation rentals is predictability. For example, you might find a great deal on sheet sets at Costco or similar big box store, buy several sets, and when it comes time to replace them and you can’t find them again. And even if you do find the same sheet set, you may not need a whole set, but merely a replacement pillow case or top sheet. It ends up being a waste.

Standard Textiles
They have been in business since 1940 so they are not going anywhere. You can trust that next year and the year after that, those same sheets will be around. You can buy piecemeal. In other words, if you like king pillows on your queen bed (something we always recommend), you can buy them separately. Make your bed with the flat sheet method (using the flat sheet for the bottom and top sheets)? No problem, just buy two flat sheets.
They engineered their sheets for durability, comfort and for a good price, factors critical in hospitality.

Luxury Sheets
Years ago, I had the opportunity to buy some 800-count Italian sheets for an amazing price because an upscale bed linen boutique was going out of business. I had never slept on high-thread-count sheets before and as soon as I slipped between those lovelies, I had an Aha moment wherein I realized, “Ok, I get why people spend a fortune on thread-count.” Unfortunately, you can’t really trust most thread-count claims because it’s easy for manufacturers to cheat. Extra threads can be woven into the weft threads to increase the thread-count and then these added threads, called “picks” are added in the overall count, which is how some sheets end up having thread counts in the thousands. The Italian mills are by far the most reliable sources of truly high-thread-count bedding, but their prices are exorbitant.

For those who have a vacation or short-term rental, white crisp sheets could be that little extra you need for them to come back next time.


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