What would you do with another $5,000 to spend on your next vacation?

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Travel the globe and use AirRentalz AirXchange program and you can save money on your next vacation.

House Exchanging opens a whole new world of options for you to travel the world and live like a local. With AirRentalz program you can choose to stay for short or long stays. You have options of visiting exclusive large homes or small chic apartments. Properties include an array of styles and choices including properties. Enjoy a vacation with all the conveniences and benefits of staying in a home. Save thousands on your vacations with AirRentalz home exchange program.

We provide you with 2 options to choose from.

1. Direct home exchange: You stay at their place while they stay at your place. You make contact with the owners and come to a mutual agreement and start home swapping!

2. Credit trades to travel: Home exchange with credits is simple and works best for those who have more than one property. You earn credits when another member stays in your property; you then use those credits to stay in any other members’ property. For example, you let Mary stay in your place. With the credits you earn, you stay in Will’s ski chalet in Colorado and Will goes to Sara’s condo in Thailand, and so on. Your home exchange / trade property has a credit value based on its potential Weekly Vacation Rental Value. The property does not need to be a rental home.

Benefits of Exchanging vs. Renting
You rent your vacation property, so why home exchange too? You can do both. Almost all vacation homes have vacancies. Turn those vacancies into valuable AirRentalz Credits that you can enjoy using around the world. You can still continue to rent out your property, but by also listing in AirRentalz, you can earn credits for weeks not rented. Remember with AirRentalz you get the full value as if renting, allowing you to choose and visit new vacation locations. With AirRentalz each new property will receive 1,000 credits which would equal $1,000 in value. This is an ideal option for you to start planning your next vacation with AirRentalz now. If you have a rental cancellation, try listing your property on our “last minute” promotions.

If you have a holiday villa, hotel, cottage, lodge, cabin or any type of vacation rental and like ravelling yourself, then our home exchange credits system can give you more value than your vacation rental income. AirRentalz gives you the option of turning your one property into hundreds while saving you money.


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