Turning Your Rental into a Mansion on a Budget

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Finding a dream rental home can be hard. In fact, it is often impossible to either create or discover something that perfectly matches that idealized figure in your mind. This is why you have to do the best with what you have, which translates to – discover the specifics on what makes you feel comfortable in terms of interior and run with it. Living in a rental poses even a bigger challenge as you do not own the space which you need to adopt to your own tastes. However, with a few tricks up your sleeve, turning your rental into a mansion on a budget can be an exciting endeavor.

The broad strokes

Melbourne is notorious for high rent rate no matter where you plan to move within the city limits. This is why, once you find the place you can afford, most residents tend to “dig in” and stay for a while. This also means that you will have to adapt to the new space and, to an extent, adapt it to you. It’s a two-way street.

In order to create an interior that suits your tastes, you have to start with the broad strokes – quite literally. However, a fresh coat of paint might initially seem like a step too far for the landlord, especially if they had already painted the home before you moved in. However, striking some sort of a deal (like the promise that you will repaint the entire home to the old colors before you move out) is usually possible without a big hassle.

This is when your rental turns into a blank canvas. If you want to set up the basics for a luxurious home, look into the color palette that will open up your space and infuse it with more natural light. This means that you should stick to the brighter side of the spectrum.

Replace the blinds

Blinds tend to age rapidly. Exposed to dust and residue, they can be hard to clean, their color can fade and the fabric wears off. It goes without saying that, even something as simple and functional as blinds, the trend turnover when it comes to design style rolls with blinding speed. In the city such as Melbourne, blinds are one of the most functional ways to create a modular window environment – they are light, they can be adjusted fast and they come in a variety of styles.

Of course, it is not particularly hard to find elegant venetian blinds in Melbourne – for example, the timber variety adds a note of class if it’s combined well with your wooden furniture. They are clean, classic and appropriate for tropical summers of Melbourne.

Stick with Modular Furniture

Trends are not the only things that have a fast turnover in Melbourne – the same also goes for apartment residents. In a hectic metropolis, changing apartments is sometimes a necessity that is out of your hands, so if you want to live in a rental that has the appearance of your own “mansion” you should definitely stick with modular furniture of your own choosing and take it with you from one rental to the other. After several moves, you will begin to associate home with wherever this furniture rests, and this is an amazing brain hack.

You can purchase a sectional sofa which you can easily assemble and reassemble. Purchase counters and small cabinets on wheels which can easily be moved around the apparent and placed in the back of a van in the blink of an eye. This is where you need to invest in the type of furniture that is stylistically appropriate, crazy and a bit out-there – something with personality. In addition, for an urban touch of luxury (you are in Melbourne, after all), purchase a coat rack on wheels and turn your space into an eclectic and dynamic fashion-exposed environment. If you purchase a tasteful and elegant divider to boot, you have the making of a fancy mansion appearance on a budget wherever you live.

If you want to turn your rental into a luxurious home, you can revel in you have to learn how to walk on that thin line between your landlord’s authority and your own preferences. It can be a tricky matter to accomplish, but with proper advice and some experience, you will know how to turn any environment you are renting into a home of your own. At the end of the day, the whole philosophy about such matters is to simply know exactly what you want, so don’t be afraid to find out – experience solves all matters of life.

by Diana Smith

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