Tips on Using Linkedin to Market Your Short Term Rental

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LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your home business such as hosting. Like other forms of Internet marketing, marketing a small or home business like a short-term rental on LinkedIn is inexpensive (setting up a profile is free) and effective. There are two main ways to dive into LinkedIn business promotion - using a passive approach or taking proactive action. Either way, like all other marketing strategies, the more time and effort you put into your LinkedIn marketing efforts, the bigger the rewards.

Simply having a LinkedIn profile, building your connections, and keeping your account updated, you can get the attention of potential guests. Like most other business tactics, the more actively involved you are, the more effective and quicker the results.

To best take advantage of LinkedIn's ability to promote your business:

Post regular status updates. Talk about what you're working on.

Participate in groups. Join groups related to your business and your interests. Discussion participation can help establish you as an expert in your field.

Send messages and invitations to those in your network and to other group members. Again, don't be a spammer or a pest.

Try LinkedIn advertising. Paid advertising on LinkedIn is still a relative bargain and can get your business in front of your market quickly.

There are three types of LinkedIn posts, and each of them can be supplemental to your broader marketing goals. They include:

Company Posts – Posted to your Company or Organization Page, these posts are branded by your CRE business, and therefore can be as promotional as you want them to be. They are also the only posts eligible for paid campaigns so offer a number of benefits over the other two options.

Personal LinkedIn Posts – Posted directly to your personal profile, these are the bulk of the posts you see in the news feed when you login each day. They are the most likely to get engagement, but also the hardest to make directly promotional for your listings.

LinkedIn Articles – LinkedIn has a communal publishing platform. Once called Pulse, the article function allows you to share content with anyone who follows your profile as a thought leader, your direct connections, and a much larger potential audience if it gets picked up by editorial. This can be a potentially powerful resource if used properly.

Having a solid LinkedIn profile is a crucial ingredient — but it is only the starting point. LinkedIn gives you lots of tools to drive interest and traffic to your business — so use them.

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