The Ultimate Guide to Making Any Rental More Energy Efficient

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When you’re renting, there are all sorts of concerns that you’ll have to deal with. But, if energy efficiency is something you value and want to include in every aspect of your lifestyle, your rentals should be appropriately equipped as well. There are many different things to do and projects to tackle that will make this dream of yours come true quickly enough. Not to mention that people you rent to will greatly appreciate the sustainable approach in this day and age.

Control the heating/cooling with a programmable thermostat

Why waste energy in your home, when one of the easiest projects that you can take up is installation of a programmable thermostat? Getting the thermostat is relatively affordable while the installation is not anything complex or time-consuming. And your renters will definitely be very grateful with the reduced energy bill as well.

Insulation hack

It can be rather difficult to go with a thorough insulation process for your rental. So, if that’s not the option, you can make sure that the place is energy-efficient by using caulk and seal around windows and doors. This is especially important for single-pane windows. Make sure to use the caulk and seal wherever the air leaks through.

Install the right kind of shutters

In your opinion, what’s the best shutters option for an energy-efficient rental? You probably haven’t thought about this that much, but plantation shutters can really save the day. If you’re located in Sydney, opting for plantation shutters in Penrith will not only make your rental more aesthetically pleasing, private and easy to clean, but it will also contribute to energy savings. Plantation shutters are great insulators, which can significantly lower the energy waste and bills.

Use energy-efficient lights

There’s really no way around this, even if you’re not that deep into the whole sustainability thing. After all, energy-efficient bulbs such as LED and CFL are the best option out there. If you want your renters to be satisfied with the lighting and don’t experience any bulb issues as they stay at your place, you know what lights to choose for your rental.

Don’t forget your water heater

Everybody needs hot water. However, there’s no need to go overboard seeing as how water gets heated properly even with the low setting. Actually, anything more than that, and you and your renters will have to deal with scorching water and the inconvenience of adjusting it. With the lowest comfortable setting, you’re doing all of you a favor while avoiding water heating energy waste at the same time.

Opt for the use of smart energy strips

This is a very useful energy-efficient trick but don’t forget to mention it to your renters; otherwise, they may get confused a bit. Namely, smart power strips can make sure that appliances that are not in use at that moment get turned off. This kind of a situation is the main cause for vampire energy waste, and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t put a stop to it with such a simple hack.

Stay healthy with less energy waste

Encourage your renters to use a humidifier in winter. Not only will this be great for the health of people staying in the rental and your own if you’re the host, but higher humidity levels will reduce the need for heating (and energy waste) in colder months. Of course, if your HVAC system doesn’t have a built-in humidifier, it’s important to provide one yourself, for everyone’s sake.

Change your furnace filter regularly

Changing the filter for your furnace (and/or AC) every two months or so is essential if you want it to work properly. After all, a new filter is what’s necessary for clean air. Not to mention that new filters improve the functionality of the furnace/AC, which then means less energy waste and an efficiency boost.

Aside from the above-mentioned energy-efficient projects that will help both you and your renters lead a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to change your behavior a bit to fit the bill as well. In that respect, don’t forget about the little things, such as turning off the water tap when you’re not using it or keeping the refrigerator clean.

by Cooper Klein

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