The Guest Experience

Do you have the time to research your next holiday destination?

Would you like assistance or suggestions on locations to stay, places to see and things to do?

Maybe you already have a few ideas but would like some assistance with some further research.

AirRentalz is here to deliver guests with great personalized services with our guest experience program.

We are here to help you along your travel journey, no matter how long or short it may be.

The service is free and we are sure to come up with some great ideas or suggestions.

Start exploring today.


Have you an idea where you would like to travel next? Would you like assistance with researching places of interest to you. An idea can may turn into your next dream holiday. Sign up today and let us start the research for you.


We are here to support you with your travel arrangements. From recommending great local and other service providers to delivering great benefits from our partners. Have you ever wanted a travel butler? Now is your chance...and it's free.


Delivering great accommodation and experiences are just the beginning. We are here to make your travel journey easy, enjoyable and memorable. We get to know you so we can deliver what you need. Start your travel journey with AirRentalz today and experience the difference of a personalized service.

Questions answered

No, our service is free and is available to all guests who book accommodation with AirRentalz. Book accommodation with a short-term rental host or a hotel, the AirRentalz guest experience service is available to all.

When you book accommodation with AirRentalz we start the process of understanding what you are looking to do, or what you wish to see when you are there. From there, we will provide you recommendations of local places to see, things to do and places to eat, based upon the information you provide us. We want to ensure our service is tailored to your needs.

Our communication is by email or messenger service. At this stage, we do not provide any telephone support, but that is coming soon.

Sorry, this services is only available to guests who book via the AirRentalz platform.

No, the AirRentalz guest experience service is independent of the services provided by our hosts or hotels. While we work with our hosts, hotels and other partners, our service is independent. Our service supports our partners to deliver their guests with great experiences and to complement what they provide you as part of their service.

Yes. It's free to join and only takes 10 seconds to provide your name and email. You then tell us your needs or wants and we then get working on that for you.