Some Of The Best Places To Camp In Colorado

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With its mountains, lakes, valleys and all of nature and wildlife you could hope for, Colorado provides some of the best camping locations in the world. Fortunately, Colorado has a smorgasbord of campgrounds to choose from. You can meet new people or isolate yourself. Here’s a list of some of the Best Places to Camp in Colorado.

Let everyone else head over to the Rocky Mountains. Southeast of Gould, the Crags is one of the state’s best spots for car camping. There’s climbing at Nokhu, hiking and cast flying at American Lakes. The access roads can be pretty rough, so make sure your vehicle’s up to the task. Adjacent to Middle St. Vrain Creek, the pet-friendly Camp Dick offers dogs plenty of places to run. The sound of surrounding water is relaxing and the water’s a great place to take a dip on warm days. There’s fishing, horseback riding, biking and just enjoying nature.

You’re going to love the pioneering spirit that Guanella Pass encourages. Take in reenactments of wagon days or explore old wagon trails and ghost towns. There’s black bear, deer, elk, fox, coyotes, bighorn sheep and tons of birds. You’ve got stunning views of the Continental Divide on the west and Pikes Peak on the east. Four Mile Creek has trout. Hike up Dome Rock or join a ranger-led nature walk.

The Turquoise is a great place for privacy. With a total of eight campgrounds, you’ll be surrounded by a thick evergreen forest, an 1,800 acre lake and Colorado’s spectacular mountains. The 12-mile bike trail starts in Leadville and loops Mineral Belt. It’s an easy trek the whole family will enjoy. A great place for car camping, we hear the river is a soothing lullaby and mornings can be a joy listening to the lunkers swim and leap. It’s said many of the lunkers migrate from nearby Harmel Ranch’s private stretch of the river.

Within a stone’s throw of Jefferson Creek, Aspen has one of the state’s highest elevated lakes, bordered by peaks up to 12,000 feet high. The campground’s surrounded by groves of aspen and spruce, offering a relaxing shade. As getting there in the winter can be rough, this site is seasonal. Kelly Dahl is a small campground and makes for a great weekend getaway. The majority of outdoor activities require almost no travel as they’re waiting right outside your tent. You can head over to Nederland for some cultural events or the skate park. Hiking, fishing, outfitter and private rafting, wildlife, mountain biking and trails, and picnic tables await amid this first-come, first-served campground. Enjoy a variety of vegetation along the riparian zone of the river in an open conifer forest. The river flows throughout the campground and there’s outstanding stream fishing.

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