Smart Airbnb Homes

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More and more homes are becoming “smart”. As defined on Smart Home USA, a smart home…… is a residence that has appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet. Whilst these items may not fall into the category of “home essentials”, smart appliances are becoming increasingly standard expectations of young and discerning tech-savvy travelers. Smart appliances also provide benefits to the host. Owners of smart appliances are able to remotely manage and monitor key features of their home; such as electricity, security, heating, and air-conditioning. In doing so, there are often associated cost savings achieved by being energy efficient and reducing electricity and water usage.

All of the big players in the artificial intelligence industry are desperately trying to compete for domination in the soon-to-be booming smart home market. The prediction is that in the near future we can expect our houses to come with AI tools that learn our behavioral patterns and turn on heating, cooling, lights, music and more before we think to do it ourselves.

Currently, Amazon Echo and Google Home are leading the home assistant market. But both products require commands and are far from intuitive. They also require a certain amount of technical nous, so may be limited to people who are confident with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Here are a few items that can assist with making your short-term rental property a "smart" property.


Plays all your music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more using just your voice
Call or message anyone hands-free with your Echo device. Also, instantly connect to other Echo devices in your home using just your voice.
Fills the room with immersive, 360º omni-directional audio. Play music simultaneously across Echo devices with multi-room music (Spotify and Sirius XM support coming soon).
Hears you from across the room with far-field voice recognition, even while music is playing



Secure - Safe, keyless access to your home with iOS and Android smartphones
Easy DIY Retrofit Install, - Replace the interior of your existing deadbolt; outside is unchanged
Total Control - You control who has access to your home and manage how long their access lasts
Always On - Powered by batteries means it's always on, even if your power, Wi-Fi, or cable go down
Kindly refer the installation videos, August Smart Lock works with the free August app to create keys, grant access, view the activity log, and more, available for Android(TM) and iOS.


INFINITE POSSIBILITIES - Personalize your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors and a variety of tones of white, and every color is dimmable. The Night-Light function helps a lot with your relax and quality sleeping time. The color options help you change and elevate your mood, not to mention the purely decorative possibilities, all at your fingertips!
SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED - Take control of your lighting from your Smartphone or Tablet. App allows you to control a single bulb, or group bulbs and control them together. No controllers or hubs needed, it is quite easy for installation and control, the possibilities are endless


Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
SAVE ENERGY WITH NEST: Nest introduces the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. With four beautiful colors to choose from and an easy to read display, this thermostat will help make your home not only smart but energy efficient. With just a few manual adjustments, the Nest Thermostat can learn your habits and start to save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature.
READ THE DISPLAY FROM ACROSS THE ROOM: The Nest Thermostat does something new. It’s called Farsight, and it lights up to show you the temperature, weather or time. You can even choose a digital or analog clock face. Farsight is big and bright on the beautiful display – you can see it from across the room.


Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
SECURITY HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD: The Nest Cam Outdoor is here to help set your mind at ease. Nest Cam Outdoor is beautiful, weatherproof, and it plugs into power, so you never have to worry about dead batteries. Whether you're watching for the kids to get home from school, checking to see if your package has arrived, or scaring off a potential burglar, Nest Cam Outdoor is here to help!
DON'T MISS A THING WITH NEST ALERTS: You can’t always be watching your video feed. Nest Cam looks for motion and listens for loud sounds, like a boom or the crash from a window breaking. Then it can alert you with a photo from the event, and even save some pictures in the Nest app for three hours.


IT'S TIME TO KNOW MORE AND WORRY LESS: The Nest Protect is not like other smoke alarms. You no longer have to spend time worrying about whether or not your smoke detector is still working, or what the blinking lights mean; Nest Protect can tell you everything you need to know! With automatic battery self-check, the Nest Protect helps take the hassle out of dealing with smoke alarms.
EASY TO UNDERSTAND ALERTS: Unlike other smoke alarm systems, the Nest Protect doesn't beep when there's danger, the Nest Protect talks to you and alerts you to what's going on. Whether it's burnt toast in the kitchen or carbon monoxide in the living room, the Nest Protect uses clear spoken messages to alert you to the danger. The Nest Protect also works with most cellular devices, allowing you to receive notifications on your phone whenever something happens.


Triggered when a window or door opens or closes
Receive custom alerts, or enable custom responses based on activity
Battery-powered, no wires needed
Simple push-and-stick installation
Great for monitoring sensitive areas such as safes and liquor cabinets
Scout Alarm is integrated with Alexa and can be controlled through Amazon Echo

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