Simple Tips on How to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

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The bedroom is a private environment that needs to fulfill a function before it fulfills an aesthetic standard. Above all else, it needs to be a comfortable place of rest where you can truly put all of your guards down. This implied nature of the bedroom should include its visual appeal, and if you feel as if it is not exactly a royal chamber, here are some simple tips on how to make your bedroom look more expensive. For those who rent your place for short-term accommodation, these tips can help you earn a few extra dollars.

Remove superfluous stuff
It sounds like the simplest throwaway solution, but it actually works – the space will look more expensive in proportion to how decluttered it is. Removing the superfluous stuff should be the first item on your list if you want to make your bedroom appear both refreshed and expensive. After all, hotel bedrooms look the best once you enter them for the first time, and they tend to lose their luster as you settle in. Use this opportunity to get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom (including decor) and rethink the arrangement of your furniture. A symmetrical arrangement is the best way to make an impact. Removing superfluous elements also includes cleaning up the floor. If you do not own a particularly captivating carpet that truly accentuates the best out of your bedroom, removing the floor elements and keeping it clean is probably the best decision.

A lampshade upgrade
Even though you’ve redone your walls and updated your furniture, something appears to lack that decorative edge but you cannot quite put your finger on it? It is almost certainly a matter of lighting and you can always find some inspiring lampshades to spice it up a bit. Furthermore, if you need to update or repair your bedroom electrical grid, you should hire the craftiest electrician in Sydney and see what can be done about making your bedroom brighter – the more light you bring into it, the more expensive and appealing it will appear.

A dash of greenery
Introducing lush plant life into any room in the house is a sure recipe for making it visually appealing. Just make sure you purchase the pots that mesh well with the overall visual style of the room – remember, it’s like a big puzzle and every piece needs to fit in if you want to achieve the ultimate expensive effect. Browse online for the best interior green plant life before you venture out to purchase it. You’ll want to choose the species that are easy to manage and which are known to contribute to the air quality in the room.

Pillows talk
The appearance of plush pillows communicates both comfort and extravagance. This is why so many hotels rely on stacking pillows on top of each other – there is something inherently royal about it, probably since, throughout history, only the rich could afford the overabundance of pillows. This is why you can always take your existing pillows and overfill them. In addition, you can purchase a few new sets of pillows and add them to the pile on your bed.

A vintage vanity
As mentioned before, it is best if you keep your bedroom decluttered. Minimalism when it comes to furniture is the best road to a luxurious appearance; however, there is one furniture element you should consider purchasing and which will certainly maximize the deluxe effect – a vintage vanity. Such elements are directly associated with luxury and they can also lend you a perfect opportunity to create an eclectic environment out of your bedroom. While you are looking for the perfect vanity, pay close attention to its contours, style, and how gaudy it appears. Color is not that much of an issue because you can always repaint the wooden surfaces so the vanity clicks well with the rest of your bedroom.

With some of these strategically arranged tweaks, you can push your bedroom into the realm of luxury that appeared to be unachievable. As a matter of fact, you do not have to spend a small fortune to live large or feel as if you are sleeping on top of a castle tower. These simple tricks are bound to make your bedroom look like a penthouse in a five-star hotel.


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