The New Way to Market your STR or Holiday Accommodation

A service that is new, bold and creative to earn you more income.

Only 1% commission

We are keeping your costs to a minimum with only a 1% service fee on your rental income.

Cheaper for your guests

We make it cheaper and easy for your guests to book with you.

A link to your current profile

We are building greater trust by allowing you to link your existing profile to your listing......only unique to AirRentalz.

The opportunity to make extra money

Our unique affiliate marketing program allows you to not only market your property but also other services and receive a commission for doing so. You could be making money for just listing with us.

Advertise to our members

We advertise your property to our growing database. Want to run a special for our members, we can help you with that also.

Your platform to market

Your listing is your marketing platform. Collaborate with businesses in so many ways and drive the design and functionality of how it operates. We are here for you.

Bonus Offer

Sign up today and receive our premium profile listing for free. Valued at $120.

Collaborations is unique to AirRentalz platform.

No other platform allows you to truly partner with other businesses. Our platform brings you the opportunities to collaborate.

Connect with great brands or businesses of your choice and develop clever and creative partnerships.

 Work together and cross-promote to each others' audience, exchange value & grow together.

Combining our Collaboration and Affiliation programs we are providing a new marketing tool for you and others.

Save marketing dollars & reach new people.

See how it can work here.

Video is a standard option

Pictures may tell a thousand words, but video can deliver you the stories you want to tell.

Your place your rules

That's right, your place so your rules apply. You make the call on when you get paid and how you get paid...this is just the start.

Your marketing platform

You can choose who to partner with plus we also introduce you to new partners.

Host can book for free

We allow hosts to book each others property without being charged a service fee. This makes it cheaper for all hosts to holiday.

Loyalty program

Our loyalty program offers guests a free booking for every 4th booking. Saving them money and delivering a better service for hosts.

Your platform to promote

This is your advertising space. Market brands, products, and services. It's your space to sell and market.

The opportunity to earn passive income for just listing your place for rent.

Our affiliate marketing program is unique to AirRentalz. We share our referral fees and commissions with you.

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Our platform is truly unique in many ways.

Tailored experiences are all about hosts working with other complementary service providers. By working together, hosts can provide tailored experiences for their guests. The AirRentalz platform provides you the ability to undertake collaborative marketing as we combine the property marketing with other services in an integrated way.

Hosts can work and collaborate with other service and product providers to deliver tailored experiences for their guests.

We are partnering with great brands to deliver tangible experiences.

We are also providing hosts the opportunity for you to partner with great brands. Hosts and guests receive tangible benefits and rewards.