Rental Renovation Tips to Know Before Spending Any Money

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If you are renting a property, chances are that you are already familiar with just how expensive the maintenance of the mentioned property can be. If you add to that the mandatory occasional renovation the sum just keeps getting bigger and bigger. However, even though all of these expenses are something you’ll just have to find your peace with, it’s important to constantly keep reminding yourself that it is not your home you’re renovating – it’s your rental property.

What this means basically is that there is no need to go over the top and spend more and more money each time you renovate. There are some things you can do differently that can not only save you a few bucks but also reduce your carbon footprint. Remember, while you might be worrying too much about certain things regarding your rental property, your tenants really just need a decent place to stay. So, check out these tips before spending another dime on renovating.

Repair everything you can instead of replacing it

The number one mistake most rental property owners make is automatically choosing to replace anything that looks like it has seen better days. Take the carpets for example. While they do experience significant wear and tear over time, there really is no need to replace them after every tenant. Instead, hire a reliable cleaning crew and let them give a breath of fresh air to your rugs. You’ll see, the rugs will look as good as new. The same goes for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. When these are concerned, there’s nothing a good scrub and, alternatively, a coat of fresh paint can fix unless, of course, they are seriously damaged.

If you have to spend money, do it wisely

While a lot of things can be repaired and refreshed – the majority of which you can do yourself – there are definitely some cases where replacing them will be your only option. In such cases, try to find the best sustainable alternative you can possibly find, and try to take care of the problem as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, make sure you go for sustainable and durable materials every time to get the best bang for your buck.

Hire help

Even though you might be able to do the majority of work yourself, there will come a time when you’ll simply need a helping hand. For instance, in the case of a large-scale remodel, you’ll be left with a lot of rubbish. Trying to dispose of all the junk yourself will not only take some time and effort, but chances are that you don’t even know how to dispose of some things properly. That’s why you should always seek professional help. For example, Australia has clear rules about waste management, which is why many Sydneysiders opt for hiring professional rubbish removal in Sydney every time they need such services, to make sure everything is taken care of efficiently and effectively.

Leave room for creativity

Finally, when remodeling a rental property, make sure you leave some room for creativity. This is especially important if you are renting it to long-term tenants. People who intend on spending a longer period of time in your rental – for example, a family that needs a home but can’t afford to buy their own – will most likely want to customize and decorate it according to their own personal taste. By allowing them to do so, not only will you make them appreciate you more, but you’ll also save significantly on decor.

All in all, when renovating a rental property, keep in mind that there is no real need to go over the top. The goal of your remodeling efforts should be creating a place that’s functional, comfortable to live in and clean. Once you manage to achieve that, all other efforts will simply become optional. So, avoid wasting money on trivial upgrades and only stick to the ones that truly make a difference.

by Cooper Klein

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