Rent Your Home or Space as a CoWorking Space.

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Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and others may have spearheaded the sharing economy, however not all people want to deal with overnight guests.

Now there is a new trend which is growing which doesn’t require the hassle of putting anybody up overnight, yet can still earn you some cash from your spare square meters: the era of the home-office rental is here. AirRentalz, has launched CoWorkz to capitalise on a growing demand for thrifty, interesting, co-working office spaces for young entrepreneurs and start-up owners. If you have a spacious room that stands empty during the day you can now sign up to rent it out to anyone who wants to focus on their business, free from the distractions of their own home.

Hosts then get their house back for themselves at the end of the day, so they are free from the demands of overnight guests, or the dangers of bumping into strangers in pyjamas on the stairs. Whether it’s renting out your suburban sitting room to a Reiki therapist or your lounge and meals area for meetings or collaborations. AirRentalz CoWorkz can provide you the opportunity to make your home work for you while you are out at the office.

As you do not need to rent your place or room for a whole night you can afford to keep your costs down. AirRentalz CoWorkz is taking advantage of the latest manifestation of the "sharing economy", which aims to make the most of our "idle assets" - our homes that sit empty and unused for much of the day.

You have different options on how you can make this work for you. It could be a home office that does not get used. This could be turned into a space for one or two people. You could expand further and also incorporate your living room as a place to conduct larger meetings for larger groups or have 6 people working from the 8 seater dinning table and use your couches and arm chairs as break away place. Bring the outside in. Use your outdoor space and setup couches or lounges for people to work from. It’s all up to you.

Any if you also want to host guests overnight, then AirRentalz is for you also. We have created a platform that is collaborative and brings hosts together with other businesses and services to increase the experience for their guests. In addition, the platform provides hosts to market other service provider on their listing page and also allows guests to book services directly.


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