Personalising the Travel Journey

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Tomorrow’s travelers will want to travel the world in just one way – their own way. They'll want to put together their own unique travel experiences, tap into inspiration from other travelers and then share their own personal plans with friends. That’s how they see the future of travel.

Personalisation is no longer just a pleasant surprise for customers, it has become an expectation. The digital age has resulted in a fundamental shift towards personalised connectivity and consumers are demanding more. It’s time travel business owners establish a personal connection with their customers, or they risk losing out.

In the digital age, consumers feel more empowered. With the advent of mobile devices, consumers today are able to accomplish tasks with just a few taps and they are increasingly expecting more from the brands they interact with. This translates to the way they shop and book travel, with most of them gravitating towards personalised travel itineraries.

Consumers want personalised experiences because they want to feel like their interests and preferences are taken into account seriously. And because the customer has invested time to research and finally decide to engage your company over many others, it is expected you will reciprocate the favour.

So what exactly does personalisation mean? It is the practice of using customer data to deliver your customers the product that is well-aligned with their preferences and specific needs.

Providing personalisation throughout the customer travel journey can influence and accelerate purchasing decisions. With a plethora of travel options available today, personalisation has the ability to reduce information to a digestible level that’s useful and relevant to the travelers.  It helps to shift their priority from price to real value when they book their trips.

Personalising the traveler journey begins with understanding traveler behaviour and predicting what they will need even before they begin the booking process. A personalised journey affords travelers a stress-free travel experience that’s perfectly suited to their preferences. Using past traveler behaviour and tailored and personalized prompts to understand travelers needs and wants AirRentalz can offer truly unique travel products and services.