Marketing Your Restaurant With Local Short Term Accommodation Providers

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The competition among restaurants is fierce, and you’ll need to give your all to be successful.

For most restaurants, local is the name of the game. Most folks are looking for good eats close to home, and you’ll get the most value out of your online marketing efforts by investing primarily in geo-targeted ads. Geo-targeting ads help you save money, ensuring that only users in certain cities or within a specific radius see your ads (eliminating non-relevant clicks, which can cost you big ad bucks).

Many online advertising services, from Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) to Facebook and Twitter, offer geo-targeting ad options (at no extra cost). Be sure to take advantage of these handy targeting features to get your best ads in front of your best customers.

AirRentalz has embraced location-based advertising as part of its service offering to business who wish to advertise their services on their platform by linking these businesses to hosts in their local area. This allows us to feed ads to people who are looking for accommodation in their area. Once the guests book we begin to advertise these businesses to them so they become top of mind when they arrive at their accommodation. Our collaboration program facilitates this service for hosts and businesses.

Here are 20 tips to consider.

  1. Hire a professional photographer (or DIY) to create beautiful photos that appeal to foodies.
  2. Create a customer loyalty program, using apps such as Belly, LevelUp, LoyalBlock, or Perka.
  3. Set up and maintain your restaurant’s Yelp profile thoroughly and politely respond to negative feedback.
  4. Set up your Google My Business/Google+ account and encourage reviews.
  5. Create geo-targeted restaurant ads with online advertising platforms like AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter.
  6. Use Instagram to promote your restaurant’s best visual content.
  7. Send an occasional email newsletter.
  8. Promote user-generated content on your restaurant’s website. For instance, create a photo contest.
  9. Show off your staff to humanize your business.
  10. Monitor your restaurant’s social media presence. Tools like HootSuite and Buffer help.
  11. Share any positive press your business receives on your website and social media.
  12. Set up Google alerts for your restaurant’s name to keep tabs on who’s talking about you online.
  13. Start a blog for your restaurant. Share successes, struggles, funny stories, etc.
  14. Reach out to food bloggers who might want to review your restaurant.
  15. Verify the details of your restaurant like phone number, address, and business hours online.
  16. Understand who your restaurant’s target patrons are and use it to develop a brand identity online.
  17. Send out regular tweets. You can even schedule them in advance.
  18. Make sure your online menu is sleek and functional.
  19. Make use of online delivery services to get your food in the hands of hungry customers.
  20. Offer coupons and discounts online, through your website or through services like Groupon or Living Social.

AirRentalz has harnessed location-based marketing within its platform. We are connecting local businesses with hosts which allows us to advertise service providers to potential guests who will be staying with a host in a specific area. By connecting hosts with local and other businesses we can deliver greater experiences for their guests by presenting them great places to eat, visit, sight see and do activities while they are holidaying or staying in that location.

By harnessing the power of data by location, AirRentalz is taking location-based marketing to the next level for the short-term accommodation industry and the businesses that this industry supports.